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    Mid Career
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    May 08

Position description

Position Summary

The Grants Manager will ensure that a portfolio of institutional grants is administered and implemented with excellence. This includes understanding, communicating and implementing best practices, donor requirements and organizational policies in the administration of grant funding to ALM staff and partners around the world. The Grants Manager will monitor grants through the entire post-award lifecycle, including planning, implementation, sub-contract management and grant close-out procedures, ensuring financial and activity-based compliance. Position reports to the Vice President of Programs. Domestic and international travel required; may be up to 15% per year.

Essential Job Functions  

Grants Administration

  • Manage a diverse portfolio of grants from governments, foundations and other non-profit agencies currently totaling $5 million and growing.
  • Ensure implementing partner reports and project proposals are reviewed for compliance and best practice, identifying areas of concern and opportunities for improvement.
  • Develop a complete understanding of all grant contracts and funder-specific requirements, assist program partners in understanding contract policies, procedures and regulations
  • Identify and develop strategies to optimize the grants administration process.
  • Work with grants acquisition team to ensure proper coordination of work; track grant applications and relevant documentation; serve as point person for launch of newly awarded grants.
  • Manage and communicate project reporting, deliverables and compliance calendar and establish timelines through the lifecycle of the grant or contract.
  • Prepare financial or budget plans and allocation with the program finance manager and finance department, ensuring all submissions are accurate, timely and complaint with funder requirements or processes.
  • Analyze the budget trends and make recommendations for cost control for various grants.
  • Work closely with the finance department to ensure the timely dissemination of drawdown requests and project wires.
  • Support the finance department in retrieval and compilation of information for quarterly, semi-annual and annual financial reports.
  • Coordinate with in-country finance and admin team members to fulfill reporting, compliance, and implementation requirements.
  • Maintain records of all payments and receivables and prepare monthly report on grant-related activities.
  • Manage the compilation and organization of all grant project files and data in accessible and auditable format; maintain up-to-date electronic project information portfolio.
  • Provide training for new staff on grants management and reporting requirements.

Grant Compliance

  • Manage and support the grants compliance requirements and implementation for the organization
  • Ensure grant compliance with all funder policies and procedures
  • Develop and modify policies/procedures/systems in accordance with government regulations and organizational needs and objectives.
  • Assist in preparations for external monitoring visits, reviews, audits, and evaluations.
  • Establish and maintain electronic and hard copy files for each grant-funded project to be used for tracking and reporting purposes.
  • Conduct routine compliance reviews of grant programs.


  • Oversee purchasing policy and ensure that purchases conform to applicable federal law and standards of the OMB Uniform Guidance.
  • Interface with stakeholders/user departments to provide sound advice and recommendations regarding procurement.
  • Conduct research, evaluate and present options for selection of contractors/subrecipients.


  • Draft and manage grant subcontracts and PFAs.
  • Ensure subrecipient monitoring procedures are compliant with federal and other applicable regulations and are consistent with sound business practices.
  • Monitor subrecipient compliance with federal regulations and the requirements of their subrecipient agreements through site visits, audits, and other mechanisms applicable to subrecipient monitoring, in partnership with finance department and regional teams.
  • Provide guidance in interpreting and executing applicable regulations and subrecipient award terms and conditions.


  • A robust grants management process is outlined and followed, with templates and tools created where needed.
  • A grants management optimization plan is developed.
  • An effective grants acquisition coordination and tracking process is in place.
  • Start-up checklists for the efficient launch of new grants are created and implemented.
  • Grant reporting and compliance deliverables are delivered on schedule.
  • Grant documentation and processes are prepared and pass external audits.
  • Essential grant management training tools for staff and partners are rolled out.
  • Program grant files are maintained in an orderly, accurate, thorough and timely manner.


  • Accuracy – Demonstrates precision and correctness in work.  Has the ability and desire to produce accurate work that is free of errors on a consistent basis.
  • Communication – Speaks clearly, writes effectively and persuasively in positive or negative situations; listens to management, co-workers, employee and customers in order to effectively and efficiently share information and ideas.
  • Cooperation/Coordination – Willingness to work harmoniously with others in order to achieve individual, departmental and organizational missions, values and goals.
  • Flexibility/Resilience – Ability to adjust to and thrive in a complex and changing environment; handles setbacks and failures with professionalism and candor; effectively and appropriately responds in the face of adversity or conflict.
  • Initiative – Without prompting, takes proactive steps to manage and/or improve all work tasks and operations.
  • Listening – Actively listens to executives, co-workers, employees, customers and outside advisors in order to effectively and efficient share information and ideas.
  • Responsiveness – Responds appropriately and timely to requests for information by members of the management team, other internal customers, and external customers; demonstrates sense of urgency.
  • Service and Teamwork – Understands the needs and wants of the organization, and its customers and employees in order to provide compassionate, accurate, complete and timely service; works cooperatively with others in the organization to further the mission, values and goals of the organization.


Required Minimum Education, Experience and Skills

  • Bachelor’s degree in business administration, accounting or a related field.
  • Three years of project management experience, including at least three years of experience managing USAID grants.
  • Proficient in the use of Microsoft Office products, especially Excel and Word.
  • Proficient in the use of various financial software products.
  • Demonstrated experience managing timelines and deliverables.
  • Demonstrated experience preparing and monitoring budgets.

Preferred Education, Experience and Skills

  • Certification in project management.
  • Four or more years of experience managing large government grants including DFID.
  • Global and/or non-profit experience.
  • Experience working with people of various nationalities.
  • Basic written and oral French.

Application instructions

To apply for the grants manager position, please send a cover letter and resume to [email protected]. Application closing date: June 8, 2019.

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