Lead Investigator for Corporate Prosecutions - Consultancy

Clooney Foundation for Justice (CFJ)
  • Location
    New York, New York
  • Sector
    Non Profit
  • Experience
    Mid Career
  • Posted
    Sep 25

Position description

The Clooney Foundation for Justice (CFJ) is seeking a Lead Investigator for Corporate Prosecutions for our corporate accountability initiative, The Docket.

The Docket, a new initiative being developed by the Clooney Foundation for Justice in partnership with The Sentry, aims to ensure that individuals and corporations that are complicit in international crimes face justice. The Docket will work with multi-disciplinary teams that gather and analyze evidence that can trigger prosecutions and civil actions against those who finance and facilitate mass human rights violations. The Docket will also aim to ensure legal representation for victims in cases against those who bankroll war crimes, gross violations of international human rights, and related atrocities.


  • Undertake a legal and political mapping relating to potential accountability for financial crimes related to genocide and crimes against humanity, specifically those connected to terrorism and terror finance in Iraq, Syria, and the Gulf

  • Conceptualize, plan, and execute appropriate preliminary investigations to assess areas appropriate for further factual development

  • Conceptualize and develop priorities for data acquisition and source development for further investigations, as appropriate

  • Conduct both stakeholder interviews and direct investigations, as appropriate, including through on-the-ground research

  • Coordinate with additional experts and researchers in connection with mapping and developing material needed for investigations

  • Maintain responsibility for security risk assessments and related procedures

  • Routinely engage with sources, law enforcement, intelligence agencies, and the private

    sector, as appropriate

  • Potentially work on targets and regions outside of Iraq, Syria, and the Gulf, and on issues beyond crimes related to terrorism and terror finance. 



  • Bachelor’s Degree

  • Background in law enforcement, intelligence, or terror financing, in particular working with prosecutors and understanding how they build cases

  • Ability to read, converse, and conduct research in Arabic

  • Literacy in a range of investigative methodologies at the disposal of non-governmental organizations (NGOs), and the limits that constrain NGOs in investigations

  • Ability to successfully engage a wide range of stakeholders to gather and then distill information

  • Strong track record of mapping illicit financial flows, preferably terror financing

  • Experience identifying, cultivating, and interviewing primary sources

  • Expertise in the basic crime elements and liability schemes required for prosecuting serious international crimes (war crimes, crimes against humanity, and genocide)

  • Experience securely and thoroughly documenting interviews and archiving information

  • Experience investigating money flows out of Iraq/Syria and the Gulf

  • Experience managing and utilizing stringer networks for in-country interviews and audio and visual documentation

  • Excellent writing and editing skills

  • Knowledge of digital and physical security risks and procedures

  • • Ability to examine and analyze public records and financial documents from an investigative perspective

  • Experience using open-source investigative methods

  • Ability to travel and conduct field-based investigations in difficult reporting environments

Preferred Qualifications

  • J.D.

  • Knowledge of and experience investigating criminal networks outside the scope of terrorism and terror finance

  • Adaptability and interest in potentially working on cases pertaining to atrocity crimes in other regions and unrelated to terrorism or terror finance. 

Application instructions

This position is to be filled on a consultancy basis for at least six months. While this is not currently a permanent staff position, the incumbent will be eligible to apply for any such staff position that may be created throughout the course of or immediately following this consultancy.

To apply, submit a resume, cover letter, and list of at least three references to [email protected]

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