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Position description

The Senior Advisor will play a substantive role in guiding the implementation of UNDP’s strategy to support the NDC process. He/She will be primarily responsible for providing technical, policy, and programme implementation support and oversight, and for guiding knowledge and capacity development services to enhance the ambition of NDCs. This oversight and implementation support services will be targeted to guide UNDP (at the country offices level as well as regional hub and HQ levels) and client government counterparts as well shape the engagement and alignment of the planned UNDP supported work with that of other UN agencies, Inter-Governmental Organizations, NGO’s, donors, and the private sector, as appropriate. The Senior Advisor is expected to lead and guide UNDP’s work on NDC in a wide range of strategic areas for NDC enhancement, including: formulation of technical and policy guidance, guiding the application of innovative policy and financial mechanisms, development of cutting-edge strategic partnerships, raising the profile of impacts and visibility of results, and promoting effective learning and knowledge management.

Duties and Responsibilities

Under the strategic guidance of the BPPS Deputy Director, the Senior Advisor will be responsible for:

  • Substantive leadership and quality assurance of policy advisory services:
    • Coordinate GPN inputs to articulate UNDP’s core service offer on NDCs while also being responsive to the articulation with the SDGs.
    • Monitor global research on emerging trends and bottom-up knowledge and learning; extract success factors that can improve policy and programming delivery and/or impact.
    • Provide guidance to GPN on NDCs and support design of programmatic approaches that can encourage coherence and leverage UNDP portfolio and multi-disciplinary expertise and explore joint approaches with other relevant initiatives.
    • Assess critical internal capacity needs and propose/implement GPN technical assistance response to strengthen UNDP COs to support the NDC processes.
    • Foster an environment of collaboration and learning that encourages real-time sharing of information, insights and success stories via NDC Hub, COPs, as well as through a variety of mediums including webinars, etc.
  • Coordination and delivery of technical assistance, policy development and programme support:
    • Ensure effective implementation of UNDP’s NDC support strategy by coordinating inputs of GPN and other key staff, ensuring that key results are achieved according to agreed timelines and budgets.
    • Guide the design and implementation of a system for monitoring key data and information to track progress on UNDP’s organization wide support towards enhancing NDCs and provide regular updates to senior management.
    • Review key products and resources under UNDP’s NDC Support Strategy ensuring alignment with UNDP’s strategic priorities and messaging, with especial consideration to the SDGs and taking into account other relevant UNDP support services including engagement with vertical funds.
    • Monitor global progress and trends to anticipate emerging needs and issues on NDC support.
    • Contribute to substantive analysis and research that positions UNDP as a thought leader on the NDC-SDG nexus, drawing upon unique country perspectives.
  • Substantive leadership for content development and curation of tools and resources, from across UNDP’s network of expertise
    • Lead the use of the SDG integrator tool in the context of the NDC to address critical NDC bottlenecks.
    • Foster a collaborative corporate approach to NDC support that encourages multi-disciplinary solutions and integrated approaches to delivering technical and policy services aligned with the ideal of NextGenUNDP.
    • Design a system to document learning and evidence that can stimulate the uptake of best practices and knowledge on NDC enhancement.
    • Enhance understanding on substantive technical and policy issues, including minimum quality standards, to maximise impact of tools used in the delivery of NDC support.
  • Knowledge management and community of practice networking:
    • Lead development of UNDP guidance and policy briefs that provide UNDP staff (at all levels of the organization) with substantive knowledge to deliver the identified core service offer on NDCs to country clients.
    • Provide substantive guidance on how knowledge management can contribute more effectively in strengthening technical capacities at different level to support the NDC process.
    • Contribute to strategic direction for flagship publications and corporate events and meetings on NDCs; ensure knowledge products are aligned with corporate principles and priorities.
    • Contribute to advocacy and messaging on NDC ambition, NDC-SDG alignment and other key nexus; support ExO, BERA and GPN leads to identify strategic opportunities for raising UNDP visibility.
    • Lay foundation for whole-of-society approaches in the NDC design and implementation to ensure more inclusive process and enhance knowledge and dissemination about climate actions at the global level, based on country experiences.
  • Representation, advocacy, and partner engagement for effective policy positioning:
    • In coordination with the BPPS thematic leads, develop and strengthen partnerships with relevant development partners, donors, UNCT, NGOs, the private sector, and scientific institutions to support NDC implementation and acceleration.
    • In coordination with Head of Climate Change, support resource mobilization efforts to strengthen and expand UNDP support on NDC.
    • In coordination with the BPPS thematic leads, identify and foster strategic partnerships within the UN system that can enhance UNDP’s corporate offer on NDCs and achieve greater impact.
    • Support strategic partnerships and collaboration on NDC implementation at the global level, such as the NDC Partnership, LEDS Global Partnership, IKI NDC Cluster, donors, and other relevant partners.
    • Represent UNDP in international fora, sharing knowledge and research that can help shape global and regional responses and programming on NDCs.



  • Innovation: Ability to make new and useful ideas work.
  • Leadership:Ability to persuade others to follow.
  • People Management: Ability to improve performance and satisfaction.
  • Communication: Ability to listen, adapt, persuade and transform.
  • Delivery: Ability to get things done.


  • Policy advice and guidance: Ability to lead technical teams in the support to countries and ensure that programme and project deliverables are adequately linked to policy design/making
  • Vision setting to contribute to global climate change efforts: Ability to efficiently identify priorities to define a sound course of actions to ensure high-quality and strategic results
  • Technical qualities of deliverables: Ability to provide effective guidance to UNDP staff in the delivery of the NDC work to ensure the soundness of results and credibility of the process established to produce and manage the NDCs
  • UNDP corporate strategy: Ability to define strategic and concrete linkages between NDC delivery and UNDP’s strategy on linking climate change and sustainable development
  • Partnerships and donor relations: Ability to engage with other agencies, donors, and other development stakeholders and forge productive working relationships
  • Knowledge management and communications: Ability to guide the preparation of knowledge products and communication strategies to ensure appropriate buy-in from key partners, including government counterparts
  • Climate Change: Knowledge of climate change mitigation and adaptation concepts and the ability to apply to strategic and/or practical situations
  • Resource mobilization: Ability to support fund-raising strategies

Required Skills and Experience


  • Master’s degree or higher in environmental sciences, economics, business, or social sciences.


  • At least 10 years of relevant progressively responsible experience on climate change at the international level.
  • Demonstrated experience in designing programmes and strategies to support the implementation of global initiatives to address climate change.
  • Extensive experience in advising governments and institutions at high level on technical and policy issues related to climate change.
  • Solid understanding of the Climate Paris Agreement and the technical and policy areas of the Nationally Determined Contributions.
  • Substantive knowledge of the climate negotiation processes and their relevance for policy design and decision making for the implementation of Nationally Determined Contributions.
  • Solid understanding of the capacity building needs to strengthen technical and institutional capacities to implement climate actions at country level.
  • Extensive experience in advising national governments on the design and implementation of climate change polices and initiatives.
  • Extensive working experience in international organizations, especially in UN organizations.
  • Extensive network of international organizations and thinktanks in areas related to climate change, sustainable development, finance and other relevant areas.

Language Requirements:

  • Excellent knowledge of English, presentation and communication skills.

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