Campaign Manager

Independent Women's Voice
  • Location
    Washington, D.C.
  • Sector
    Non Profit
  • Experience
    Mid Career
  • Posted
    May 18

Position description

Independent Women’s Voice (a 501(c)(4) advocacy organization) seeks a hands-on campaign manager to identify opportunities for the organization to make a difference in legislative, policy, and political battles through testing, evaluation, and execution of unconventional messaging approaches to innovative policy education and campaign efforts. Must have political, advocacy, and issue campaign experience, using a variety of media beyond TV, radio, and the knowledge, and connections to develop and execute a wide variety of campaign and program activities. Should be critical of most GOP/conservative messaging efforts, interested in finding and evaluating different and better approaches, open to the idea that minds can be changed, fascinated by human psychology, and interested in learning and trying new approaches.

Types of activities could include:

  • Developing and executing a suite of optimized calls to actions (call/email your representative, sign a petition, attend a rally, share content, etc).
  • Activist engagement and turnout (generating phone calls, tweet storms, other social media activity)
  • Developing and executing websites and Forums for changing the conversation (like and
  • Using quizzes delivered through a variety of media, or unconventional videos, to change minds.
  • Using polling to encourage politicians to better understand the desires of their constituents.
  • Disseminating messaging products and other information to the right people, including Hill staffers/Members, grass tops, policy friends, leaders
  • Developing and executing events (tele- or local town halls, press conferences, hearings, DC-based events, etc) including gauging interest, creating plan, timeline, budget and execution.
  • Developing petitions and coalition letters/actions
  • Building an activist following/base.
  • Long term: development of grass roots network (IWN)

The goals are to:

  • Build support for policy change
  • Change conversations on important policy areas to enhance potential for success of conservative reforms
  • Grow IWV’s network, trust, and influence by increasing our output and helping us reach a wider audience
  • Increase speed and effectiveness of messaging campaigns.

The campaign manager would report to IWV’s President and CEO, Heather Higgins, and collaborate with IWV’s communication, policy, and program leadership team. Must be a committed conservative with campaign or activist experience. Must be results-oriented, knowledgeable about campaign-type programs and savvy social media engagement tactics, and a self-starter with strong Hill and DC connections who will recognize policy issues that are opportunities for us to make a difference and be able to get our work in the right people’s hands. Should be interested in actually verifying results, opposed to media commissions and similar that can distort decision making, and serious about competitive bidding by vendors.

Here’s What Success Looks Like:

  • IWV is kept strategically informed about political happenings, and rapidly, creatively and proactively acts in effective but cost-conscious ways to shape the conversation.
  • IWV has a growing and active group of activists who can be deployed for outreach in policy/political battles.
  • IWV succeeds in putting pressure, through activism and earned media, on policymakers and other influentials to move the needle on various issues in a more conservative direction.
  • IWV’s campaigns are amplified by our coordinated earned media efforts, and our collaborative partnerships with other organizations and coalition efforts.
  • IWV maintains and grows its reputation for communicating differently and effectively beyond the base, to women, independents, and millennials, creating discernible movement in their policy and political preferences when measured against control groups or looking at outcomes.
  • IWV is seen as the go-to organization for policy insights and messaging; is a sought after partner in primarily issue but also political campaigns, and a resource donors looking to move the needle.

Application instructions

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