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Position description

Join GlobalGiving in its mission to connect local nonprofits across the world to funding, tools and resources that will help them thrive for the long-term.

GlobalGiving’s Evaluation Programme trains skilled volunteers to become Project Evaluators, who will visit our partner organisations across the world for 2-10 weeks between June and November.

Apply now to attend GlobalGiving’s professional training in project evaluation and field work between March and June 2018!

Recruited, professionally trained, and supported from GlobalGiving’s UK office, Project Evaluators have the opportunity to increase their knowledge, confidence and skills in working with nonprofits. 

Project Evaluators will visit each nonprofit for 4 days and work collaboratively with them to complete an in-depth organisational assessment. Evaluators will register their experience via social media channels in order to promote the nonprofits’ work to new audiences, as well as provide them with access to relevant peer learning networks, professional training and resources both during and after the visit.

Project Evaluators will conduct assessments of grassroots organisations impact, organisational effectiveness and financial transparency and make recommendations. Data and key observations for the assessment can be collected through interviews with the organisation’s staff, its volunteers and its beneficiaries, as well as via desk-based research. Such findings and recommendations must be captured in a professional and comprehensive report that, once reviewed by GlobalGiving, will be given to the organisation after the visit. 

Before conducting the visits, Evaluators will:

  • Undertake professional (and onsite) training in Central London spread across 3 weekends between March and June;
  • Conduct research on the organisations to help with visit planning and to ensure clarity on priority areas to be covered;
  • Generate a bespoke itinerary by communicating with the partner projects you will visit to manage expectations and improve efficiency;
  • Attend an individual and group debrief in Central London. 


During their experience, Project Evaluators will:

  • Directly engage and learn from diverse nonprofit organizations working on important development issues in a specific country/region;
  • Develop their evaluation and assessment skills;
  • Enhance their own organisational and time management skills;
  • Obtain invaluable work experience that can help start a new career or enhance their current role;
  • Enhance their professional communication skills, working across linguistic and cultural boundaries; and
  • Appreciate and engage with other cultures and perspectives.


Working closely with amazing organisations in the field will also allow Evaluators to use their experience and specific technical and soft skills in new environments. Evaluators will also develop their teamwork, time management and communications skills and build an understanding of how international development works in practice.

Contribution Details

For a 2-10 week placement, the minimum project contribution is £700, which covers the cost of recruitment, training and running the programme. The total cost, however, will ultimately depend on the length of the placement and which country you are based in.

Accommodation, flights, insurance, vaccinations and other in-country expenses are not included in this project contribution. Estimates and more information can be found here. GlobalGiving is happy to provide you with fundraising advice and support if you are selected for this programme. 

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The Evaluation Programme is designed for skilled, passionate, proactive and positive people. We strongly encourage applicants from all professional backgrounds and work experiences to apply. We are looking for people with some travel experience who want to challenge themselves, learn new skills and dive head-first into an overseas adventure!

Working in the field can sometimes bring up unexpected challenges so a flexible attitude, patience, excellent listening skills and a good sense of humour will go a long way. 

We only ask that applicants are aged 21 years and above and are UK residents. 

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