Monitoring & Evaluation Manager

Atlas Relief and Development International (ARDI)
  • Location
    Dresden, Germany
  • Sector
    Non Profit
  • Experience
    Mid Career
  • Posted
    May 30

Position description

Atlas Relief and Development International (ARDI) is an international development organization working to support and strengthen civil society in conflict zones by providing the knowledge, skills and resources for civilians to actively shape and participate in a peaceful and democratic future. ARDI specializes in supporting civilians affected by the conflict in Syria. The organization focuses on a wide variety of development and social impact projects focusing on empowerment, capacity building and training, technical research, in-depth surveys, and the amplification of diverse and minority voices.

ARDI is a small and growing organization and we seek to expand our team with a professional who is adept at ‘building the plane as they fly.’ We are seeking a candidate with strong intercultural communication/collaboration skills, demonstrated initiative, and a high performer with the drive for excellence across ARDI’s evolving and expanding efforts. 

Position Summary:

The Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) Manager will oversee and support ARDI’s M&E–related activities and operations related programming efforts based in Syria and across Europe, under the supervision of ARDI’s Director, Programs Director, and Programs Manager and in close coordination with the M&E Coordinator and other ARDI staff based in Turkey and Germany. The M&E Manager will oversee the design and implementation of the M&E-related components of project proposals, programmatic activities, and technical reporting related to project and internal efforts. The M&E Manager will further represent ARDI and its mission locally/internationally with donors, partners, project constituents, and others.


The primary duties and responsibilities of the M&E Manager include, but are not limited to:

Monitoring and Evaluation

●     Lead, oversee, and/or support the design and implementation of qualitative and quantitative M&E tools and processes, and oversee M&E tracking across internal and external efforts at multiple levels to achieve desired results, impacts, and outcomes for each unique effort.

●     Lead, oversee, and/or support survey design and data collection efforts, data disaggregation and analysis using qualitative and quantitative methods and prepare for further use (e.g. reporting and presentation).

●     Ensure program documentation is complete, is of high quality, and is in line with ARDI and/or program partners/donors’ programmatic and organizational requirements.

●     Track program implementation, outcomes, and progress made by beneficiaries through regular monitoring, Skype calls, or other communication with field staff and project beneficiaries.

●     Lead, oversee, and/or support the identification and correction of challenges related to programmatic implementation through adjustments and additions to M&E tools and methods

●     Assist with the development of qualitative and quantitative data collection tools and methods.

●     Lead, oversee, and/or support ARDI core and field staff during the design of survey and data collection plans, during data collection, throughout the lifecycle of projects to ensure the quality of data received (e.g. data entry, data cleaning, data disaggregation by sex, age, location, etc.).

●     Assist with development and implementation of new M&E-related policies, standards, and operation guidelines, as needed.

Program Design and Management

●     Support the identification of gaps and opportunities in current programming to find where ARDI can meet current and future needs.

●     Support the development of program concepts and conduct background research for new activities and ensure team members meet relevant expectations related to activities.

●     Support efforts to draft, edit and/or finalize concept notes and project proposals for donors, partners, or internal requirements.

●     Contribute to the proposal design and submission, activity design and implementation.

●     Other related responsibilities, as requested.

Technical Writing and Reporting

●     Lead, oversee, and/or support the development of surveys, questionnaires, situational analysis, assessments, and/or other research tools.

●     Lead, oversee, and/or support M&E and programmatic-related documentation and information for further processing (e.g. translation, analysis, activity reports).

●     Lead, oversee, and/or support the design of technical reports on specific focus areas related to ARDI’s efforts.

●     Lead, oversee, and/or support the revision and copyediting process of technical reports and other written documentation. 

Representation of ARDI Programs

●     Represent ARDI and its mission at events, meetings, conferences, panels or discussions.

●     As requested, develop M&E and programmatic updates, overviews, and key information in written and verbal form depending on context and need. 

●     As requested, help to develop reliable and trustworthy networks across Europe, Turkey, and Syria and/or expand upon existing ARDI networks.


●     Bachelor’s or master’s degree in political science, international development, economics, law, or related field.

●     A minimum of 3 years of demonstrated experience in monitoring and evaluation within the international development or closely related field. 

●     Demonstrated team leadership experience and the ability to provide M&E-related training, guidance, and support to other colleagues (in person and distance-based).

●     Strong command of computer programs, including MS Office, especially Word and Excel), Stata, R, COBOL, and other applications and software utilized to collect, analyze, and evaluate data and programmatic results.

●     Experience with Google Apps (Gmail, Calendar, Google Drive, G+, etc.)

●     Strong knowledge of Syria and the conflict and the “refugee crisis” across Europe (specifically in Germany) across social, political, and security contexts.

●     Excellent English language skills (written and verbal).

●     Knowledge of German and Arabic languages (written and verbal) a plus.


●     Excellent interpersonal skills and ability to work with and manage a diverse, multi-ethnic and multi-lingual team.

●     Strong attention to detail and the dedication to carefully monitor and evaluate activities to ensure the highest quality results.

●     Strong analytical skills with ability to make sound judgment and decisions in sensitive contexts and under challenging circumstances.

●     Flexibility and ability to adapt quickly to any change/constraint and to offer specific solutions.

●     Superior organizational skills, strategic planning, technical analysis, data analysis, and data visualization skills

●     Ability to multi-task and determine priorities while maintaining attention to detail under time-pressure and on short-deadlines.

●     Be self-directed, determine priorities and able work under pressure, with minimal supervision.

●     Willingness to learn and contribute creativity to ARDI’s efforts at all levels.

Benefits include:

  • 25+ paid vacation days/year
  • Full healthcare coverage (dental + vision)
  • Retirement savings account
  • Unemployment/disability coverage 
  • Relocation allowance
  • Leadership opportunities

Application instructions

To apply for this position, please send your updated CV, a cover letter, and a writing sample (less than 5 pages).

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