Information/Press Assistant

U.S. Mission to the EU
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    Brussels, Belgium
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    Early Career
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    Apr 08

Position description

Monitors media reporting and establishes relationships with the individuals covering those U.S.-EU issues through active personal contact and outreach. Plans and implements media events and briefings. Prepares regular early-morning electronic publications of media reporting. Advises and prepares the Ambassador and other senior officials for media engagements.

A. Explain U.S. Policy to journalists

Plans and implements press briefings and press conferences. Manages on-site and off-site press facilities, and responds to various administrative requests from the media. Engages members of the EU press corps to disseminate and clarify important U.S. Government messages with sensitivity to security, Privacy Act, and other legal requirements that may apply. Responds to press inquiries and takes steps to enhance understanding personally, or refers members of the press to Mission or Washington officials who may be able to provide additional expertise on the subject.

B. Monitors and reports on press coverage

Gathers information from a wide range of multi-lingual European media to prepare regular early-morning electronic publications with media reporting on various transatlantic and sectoral issues affecting U.S. interests. Produces in-depth media reports and analyses reports as tasked, including tracking of media coverage and public opinion polls on key U.S.-EU issues and online media platforms. Updates database for press activities and media results, along with other relevant internal databases and documents.

C. Outreach and media relations

Advises the Ambassador, Mission officials, and visitors regarding engagement with the media. Participates in preparatory meetings for public engagement by senior officials. Identifies and forwards relevant guidance, speeches, statements and official texts to help Mission officers to respond appropriately to queries from their official contacts and the media. Highlights media issues which may require immediate attention from the Ambassador or Washington, and drafts guidance and talking points as necessary.

Education: University level background in liberal arts, political science, international relations, public

relations, journalism, communications, or a related field.


EXPERIENCE: Minimum two years of experience with EU-related institutions, think tanks, or non- governmental organizations; as a journalist covering EU issues; or in a public affairs office dedicated to EU issues.

JOB KNOWLEDGE: A solid knowledge of current policy issues in the U.S.-EU relationship and a wide variety of communications strategies, techniques, and dissemination methods. Must quickly become familiar with Department of State guidelines, regulations, policies and procedures applicable to public affairs initiatives. Must be able to take initiative and work independently and under pressure. Must know the European media scene in Brussels and the relevant online media environment. Must keep updated on U.S. societal and political developments and their impact on the work of the Mission. 

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