Facility Management Assistant

European Defence Agency
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    Brussels, Belgium
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    Non Profit
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    Early Career
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    Apr 12

Position description



The European Defence Agency was established on 12 July 2004, and is governed by Council Decision (CFSP) 2015/1835 defining the statute, seat and operational rules of the European Defence Agency. 

The Agency has its headquarters in Brussels.

The main task of the EDA is to support the Council and the Member States in their effort to improve the Union's defence capabilities in the field of crisis management and to sustain the Common Security and Defence Policy (CSDP) as it currently stands and as it develops in the future.

The Agency is structured into four directorates. Three operational directorates: Industry, Synergies and Enablers (ISE); Capability, Armaments & Planning (CAP); Research, Technology and Innovation (RTI) and the Corporate Services Directorate (CSD).





The Agency is an “outward-facing” organisation, constantly interacting with its shareholders, the participating Member States, as well as with a wide range of stakeholders. It works in an integrated way, with multi-disciplinary teams representing all the Agency’s functional areas, to realise its objectives. Its business processes are flexible and oriented towards achieving results. Staff at all levels need to demonstrate the corresponding qualities of commitment, flexibility, innovation, and team-working; to work effectively with shareholders and stakeholder groups, formal and informal; and to operate without the need for detailed direction.





The Corporate Services Directorate (CSD) provides critical business support to EDA operations by delivering high-quality corporate services under 5 dedicated units, namely: Human Resources; Procurement and Contract Management; Finance; IT and Information Management together with Security and Infrastructure Management. Additionally, the EDA Legal Team provides legal, data protection and institutional advice and checks to its management relating to the fulfilment of Agency objectives.  The EDA Programme Manager and Corporate Projects Officer provides a leadership role in, and a focal point for, good practice in Project, Programme and Risk Management.

CSD processes are geared towards efficient and optimal use of resources, leveraging good practice and technological solutions while ensuring sound financial management, transparency and accountability; outward focus and commitment to continuous improvement are the hallmarks of CSD.





Under the supervision of the Head of the Security & Infrastructure Unit, the jobholder will contribute to the following activities:  

  • Implement Health & Safety measures in the building; 
  • Improve the working conditions in the building and the general well-being of staff (in cooperation with HR); 
  • Manage the environmental aspects (energy consumption, waste disposal, environmentally friendly initiatives...); 
  • Write technical specifications for tenders (maintenance technical installations, cleaning, office supplies, utilities services...); 
  • Contract management and quality control; 
  • Management of the Unit's internal website;  
  • Assist the Head of Unit in the efficient allocation of the available space for offices and meeting rooms and the preparation for a possible move to new housing in the longer term.

Furthermore, the jobholder will assist the colleagues of the Unit in the following activities:

  • Manage the inventory and assets management system in liaison with the Finance Unit;
  • Coordinate the delivery and supply of services and goods (& stock management);
  • Manage activities around incoming/leaving staff (asset handover, name plates, etc.);
  • Carry out administrative tasks supporting the Unit e.g. preparation of orders and commitments, verification of invoices, management of infrastructure/security-related files and studies, handling of signed purchase orders, filing signed contracts, drafting catalogue, etc.;  
  • Handle mail delivery and distribution;   
  • Receive and distribute supplies;  
  • Organise the preventive and corrective maintenance of the local infrastructure and related services;  
  • Follow up the interventions of contractors (technical, cleaning, catering);   
  • Identify solutions for technical problems that may arise in the building, monitor and supervise works and maintenance executed by external contractors in EDA's premises;   
  • Perform daily operational activities of the unit such as small repairs, removal of office furniture, etc;
  • Monitor the event management system and booking of meeting rooms;  
  • Coordinate the preparation of meeting rooms;   
  • Front office tasks;  
  • Back up for the colleagues in the Unit;  
  • Take on any additional tasks in the Security and Infrastructure Unit as required in the interest of the service. 

Duties may evolve according to development of the EDA’s structure and activities, and the decisions of EDA management.





a. Conditions for eligibility:

  • be a national of a Member State participating in the Agency; 
  • be entitled to his/her full rights as a citizen; 
  • have fulfilled any obligations imposed on him/her by the laws concerning military service; 
  • produce the appropriate character references as to his/her suitability for the performance of his/her duties; 
  • be physically fit to perform his/her duties; 
  • have a thorough knowledge of one of the languages of the participating Member States and a satisfactory knowledge of another of these languages to the extent necessary to discharge his/her duties; 
  • have no personal interest (financial, family relationship, or other) which could be in conflict with disinterested discharge of his/her duties within the Agency; 
  • hold, or be in a position to obtain, a valid Personnel Security Clearance Certificate (national or EU PSC at SECRET UE/EU SECRET level). Personnel Security Clearance Certificate’ (PSCC) means a certificate issued by a competent authority establishing that an individual is security cleared and holds a valid national or EU PSC, and which shows the level of EUCI to which that individual may be granted access (CONFIDENTIEL UE/EU CONFIDENTIAL or above), the date of validity of the relevant PSC and the date of expiry of the certificate itself. Note that the necessary procedure for obtaining a PSCC can be initiated on request of the employer only, and not by the individual candidate); 
  • have a level of post-secondary education attested by a diploma, or a level of secondary education attested by a diploma giving access to post-secondary education, and appropriate professional experience of at least three years;

Only diplomas that have been awarded in EU Member States or that are the subject of equivalence certificates issued by the authorities in the said Member States shall be taken into consideration. In the latter case, the authority authorised to conclude contracts of employment reserves the right to request proof of such equivalence.

b. Essential selection criteria:

(1) Professional


The candidate will be required to demonstrate that he/she has:

  • as stated above, have at least 3 years of experience in the relevant field and tasks, gained after obtaining the minimum qualification required as a condition of eligibility;
  • a thorough understanding of and a successful track record in modern facility management;  
  • good knowledge, understanding and experience of health and safety at work; 
  • well-developed organisational and administrative skills; 
  • understanding of the local supplier market and ability to work effectively with suppliers and contractors; 
  • very good knowledge of written and spoken English;
  • good knowledge of written and spoken French;
  • very good knowledge of MS Office. 


(2) Personal  

All staff must be able to fit into the Agency's way of working (see par. 2). Other attributes important for this post include: 

  • ability to work in a team and independently in his/her area of responsibility; 
  • ability to work effectively in a multinational environment; 
  • customer service orientation;
  • problem-solving skills, results-orientation and strong motivation; 
  • flexibility and innovativeness;
  • strong analytical, interpersonal, and communication skills;
  • ability to adapt to a quickly changing working environment; 
  • genuine commitment to the Agency's objectives.

c. Desirable: 

  • a diploma/degree in facility management/building management/construction/engineering and building services/hospitality/property/administration;
  • certification(s) in health & safety management or willingness to obtain certifications in the field of health & safety, more particularly: Conseiller en Prévention Niveau III ou II;
  • experience in preparing and managing the removal of an organisation to new premises;
  • good knowledge of AutoCAD and other facility management information systems;
  • a driving licence level B.


Application instructions

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