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Position description

Terms of Reference:

Thematic evaluation and impact assessment of Mission East's Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) and Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) activities in rural North-Eastern Afghanistan

Mission East is an international relief and development organisation founded in Denmark in 1991. Mission East has been engaged in Afghanistan since 2001, undertaking relief and recovery activities in the north-eastern provinces of Takhar, Baghlan and Badakhshan.

Mission East are currently searching for a consultant for the “Thematic evaluation and impact assessment of Mission East’s Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) and Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) activities in rural North-Eastern Afghanistan” for the project “ An Integrated, Community Driven Approach to Relief, Rehabilitation and Development in North Eastern Afghanistan”. The integrated, multi-sectorial programme is targeted towards implementing a variety of resilience-building measures including WASH, DRR and livelihoods development, infrastructure rehabilitation, disaster risk reduction, and civil society capacity-building. More information on Mission East can be found at:

The objectives of this consultancy are:

1.To critically evaluate the current approach, methodology and processes used by Mission East for its WASH and DRR programme activities to assess:

(i) overall impact (what difference does the intervention make?); (ii) coherence (how well does the intervention fit with other interventions in the country/sector/organisation); (i) relevance (need, design and feasibility etc); (ii) effectiveness (added value, learning and best practice); (iii) sustainability; (iv) value for money/cost effectiveness/efficiency; and (v) compliance with international standards.

Key lines of enquiry will include:

  • Determining if the achieved results of the WASH and DRR programme activities have helped towards achieving the planned programme outcomes; what is the impact of both directly implemented and partner-led CBDRM activities?
  • Determining strengths (including any successful innovations, community mobilisation/ ownership and contribution, compliance with international and national standards) and gaps and weaknesses in the planning, design, implementation and M&E systems. How well does Mission East assess and document the WASH and DRR needs on the ground and how responsive and adaptable is the programming to changes occurring during the project cycle or in capturing and applying lessons learnt and best practices?  How strong (or not) are the linkages between these mainstream programme activities and emergency response activities addressing more immediate humanitarian needs? 
  • Determining the integrated impact of WASH and DRR interventions in helping targeted beneficiaries meet their household WASH needs and to mitigate and respond to prevailing risks and vulnerabilities and in assessing how targeted communities value the programme’s interventions.
  • Assessing if Mission East coordinates and interacts well with other humanitarian and development actors in the WASH and DRR sectors. In what way can engagement of local civil society actors in programme activities be improved and strengthened?
  • Assessing how far the involvement of vulnerable groups (women, people with disability, elderly) in WASH and DRR activities has contributed to their empowerment and common perceptions of their role in society and how this can be improved. 
  • Examining demonstrated impact on improved health and hygiene, both at the household and community level, and in building resilience to disaster
  • To what extent does programming take into account ME sector policy on DRR (2016) and WASH (draft)? Based on field work, are there recommended additions/adaptations to the policy relevant to the Afghan context? 

2. Provide actionable, specific and practical strategic recommendations on how Mission East can use the findings to strengthen and improve strategy and programming for future interventions.

The consultancy deliverables are expected to provide input for necessary adjustments to Mission East's future programming in order to increase impact and sustainability of WASH and DRR programming.

The recommendations should relate in particular, to any shifts / improvements in needs assessment, designing, planning and implementation which need to be made in order to improve the sustainability, impact, cost effectiveness, feasibility, community ownership, and replicability of the activities undertaken. The recommendations can also propose alternatives for activities which may be more in line with contextual realities and needs as assessed by the consultant.

The outputs / deliverables are of this consultancy are:

As part of this consultancy, the following outputs will be specifically required from the consultant:

  1. Following initial desk review, a Preliminary Report should provide the following:
    • Initial findings from desk review
    • Detailed evaluation Methodology and Tools
    • The preliminary report will be submitted to the Consultancy Manager for discussion and approval at a date to be agreed prior to the field assignment
  2. Power point presentation of the evaluation to the field team: key findings, recommendations, lessons learned and best practices.
  3. A final written Evaluation Report with:
    • Critical review and analysis of Mission East’s current approach and methodology
    • Findings and lessons learned from desk review and field assessments,
    • Recommendations for future strategy, programming and policy
  4. Annexes to evaluation report including data collection and evaluation methodology and tools (semi-structured interviews, questionnaires, focus group discussions, well-being and asset ranking exercises, outcome mapping etc. with different eneficiary/community groups) as well as lists of respondents with their contact information, description of cases, lists of information materials used etc.
  5. As possible, share photos from evaluation activities and interesting beneficiary quotes

More detail and further discussions of the objectives and outputs of the consultancy will be discussed during interviews and after contracting.

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