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    May 04

Position description

Nickol Global Solutions (NGS), on behalf of USAID’s Democracy, Human Rights, and Governance (DRG) Center in the Development, Democracy, and Innovation (DDI) Bureau, is seeking to engage an experienced democracy and human rights expert (referred to as the Senior Technical Advisor (STA)) to serve as lead writer of program/activity design documents and other key deliverables for USAID/Cambodia’s human rights portfolio. The STA will work closely with the USAID/Cambodia Office of Democracy and Governance (ODG) throughout the design and writing process, to ensure the completion of key tasks and activities stated below. This position will be primarily remote but may require in-person work in Cambodia. 


USAID/Cambodia’s ODG current approach focuses on stemming decreases in civic dialogue and creating opportunities for engagement. This strategy aims to increase civic participation and action to build broad public support for more responsive governance while supporting protection of rights. We seek to: 1) empower rights defenders and organizations with economic incentives to claim rights (e.g., labor unions, grassroots groups involved in land disputes and human rights violations, and others); 2) support advocacy for reform, including by non-governmental organizations (NGOs) as well as women, youth, and marginalized populations; and 3) strengthen social accountability by expanding Cambodians’ access to accurate and independent information and by enabling citizen monitoring of public services. Specific to this SOW (Scope of Work), the STA will focus on programmatic interventions in support of 1) above.  


The principal objective of this statement of work is to draft two Concept Notes for USAID/Cambodia human rights activities, as well as the resulting Program or Activity Descriptions (one for local NGOs and one for INGOs) and other accompanying documents. In order to achieve this objective, a short-term democracy, human rights, and governance STA will be recruited and onboarded, to lead the writing of the concept note through organizing and facilitating stakeholder engagement and other design processes, as necessary.   


The STA will use existing knowledge and lessons learned to carry out the scope of work. This is a short-term consultancy with an anticipated period of performance of approximately 6 months, but may be extended, subject to availability of funds.  

All candidates must be U.S. citizens with the ability to pass a background check.  



The Senior Technical Advisor will have the overall responsibility for: 

  • Serve as the lead writer and editor for USAID/Cambodia human rights programming (two separate designs). Concept notes, including results frameworks, and program design will be developed in close consultation with USAID/Cambodia, and the core and extended design teams.  
  • Coordinate across the core and extended design teams and work with all team members to ensure completion of key deliverables. This includes management of logistics, suggested meeting agendas and structure, note taking, etc. in collaboration with USAID/Cambodia.  
  • The Concept Notes and Program Designs must include a focused and prioritized set of human rights inventions, which are technically sound and relevant to the Cambodia context. The design should also consider USAID’s prior human rights interventions and existing analyses.  
  • Lead and facilitate stakeholder consultations with development partners, civil society, human rights defenders, and political activists.  
  • Use an inclusive approach throughout to design, draft, and finalize the Concept Notes, Program Designs, and stakeholder engagement.  
  • As needed, assist in discussing and/or presenting the Concept Notes and/or Program Designs with internal and external audiences.  

Major Tasks and Activities: 


  • Complete non-disclosure and organizational conflict of interest certifications;  
  • Draft a Concept Note and Program Design timeline that defines the STA’s activities throughout the period of performance, incorporating time for USAID and appropriate stakeholders to review the deliverables;  
  • Coordinate the core and extended design teams, including management of logistics, suggested agendas, and notetaking;  
  • Lead and facilitate stakeholder engagement with civil society and development partners;  
  • Review and finalize the Concept Notes, Results Frameworks, Program Descriptions, and administrative procurement documents, as needed.  

Review of Evidence:  

  • Perform a desk review of all relevant documents (to be compiled by USAID/Cambodia);  
  • Review USAID/DRG policies to inform overall approach, best practices, challenges, and opportunities.   

In-Country Meetings:  

  • In consultation with USAID/Cambodia, develop a list of key stakeholders to engage and consult; document and synthesize information, as needed;  
  • Identify and map related activities, as carried out by other donors/development partners.  

Develop Concept Notes: Maximum five pages for each design (local and INGO), which includes: problem statement, development hypothesis, purpose, programmatic approach, analysis completed and planned, components and illustrative indicators, complementary donors and USG activities, and a results framework.  


Prepare Program Descriptions / Notice of Funding Opportunities / or other relevant assistance tools, with supporting documents. This may include, but is not limited to:  

  • A comprehensive program description, including strategic objectives, intermediate results, indicators, key activities, gender integration, and sustainability analysis, program management and organization, evaluation criteria, etc.  
  • A logical framework that ties the activities together;  
  • Key personnel requirements;  
  • Suggested evaluation criteria.  

Prepare internal supporting documents that are required to accompany the Program Description / Notice of Opportunity / etc. These may include:  

  • Choice of Instrument Memo;  
  • Independent Government Cost Estimate;  
  • Initial Environmental Examination (IEE); 
  • Cost Share Analysis;  
  • Gender and Social Inclusion Analysis;  
  • Sustainability Analysis;  
  • Environmental Analysis;  
  • Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) Analysis.  


  •  Excellent coordination and facilitation skills relevant for organizing, facilitating and leading stakeholder consultations, identifying gaps in outreach, and bringing relevant stakeholders into the conversation. Demonstrated experience with gathering information from stakeholders across a variety of backgrounds and interests.  
  • Five (5) or more years of experience in international development, program design, partnership-building, and/or research and analysis in the area of democracy, governance, and human rights. At least four (4) of those years should include direct work on USAID programming. 
  • Significant experience in the technical design and writing of human rights-focused programs. 
  • Extensive knowledge of human rights-related interventions, including familiarity with USAID human rights programming. 
  • Bachelor’s degree in a relevant field is required; Master’s degree or higher is preferred.? 
  • Experience conducting democracy, governance, and human rights-oriented research and assessments is preferred.  
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills, including the ability to produce and edit written documents. The ideal candidate has employment history that demonstrates extensive writing experience, and an ability to craft information succinctly with a high degree of technical depth.  
  • Demonstrable experience working successfully as an individual and as part of a team. 
  • Availability to work between September 2022 and March 2023 or more, subject to availability of funds. 



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