Director for Integrated Mental Health

Healthy Brains Global Initiative (HBGI)
  • Location
    Remote, South Africa
  • Sector
    Non Profit
  • Experience
    Mid Career / Advanced
  • Posted
    Nov 20

Position description

There is no physical health, without mental health. There is no social health without mental health. Yet, our mental health is sidelined and even stigmatized. The knowledge and skills to identify and respond to poor mental health in primary care settings in much of the world is woefully inadequate. This is also a huge, unmissable opportunity - to make mental health an integral part of the primary care response, embedding it inside existing interventions.

In partnership with Anglo American, and our first service provider, Right to Care, we will be piloting a new project which integrates mental health checks and care for new mothers within existing childhood immunization programs in South Africa. This pilot utilizes performance-based contracting to maximize program performance. Success on this program will enable us to scale and grow. 

HBGI is looking for an inspirational, performance-focused leader with international experience of managing service delivery in challenging contexts to both lead the implementation and delivery of this initial pilot and grow the program. You will use the pilot to show ‘proof of concept’ and then crowd additional funding to scale the program both in its geographical reach and to inregrate mental health into other health interventions. Our objective over the next three years will be to secure funding to cover around $25m of services. You will report directly to the CEO and be an active part of the senior management team.

Together with a performance manager, you will grow a small and special team, which is driven by performance, and has the ability to think differently, communicate brilliantly, and work collaboratively, with each other and with our wider external partners. 

Main objectives:

· To ensure the timely and effective mobilization of the pilot programs, overseeing their design and rollout to deliver maximum performance/outcomes;

· To ensure systems are in place to manage this performance (including the outcomes and also assurance and the payment administration);

· Rapidly, to capture and disseminate the story of our outcomes (and our outcomes contracting), to raise additional funds, to extend the scale and scope of the initiative;

· To recruit, support and nurture the team of Contract & Performance Managers who will drive the performance of each program;

· Building on your existing network, in the region and beyond, to access funds and create new opportunities to implement mental health integration into primary care across Southern Africa and growing from there;

· To be a member of the HBGI senior management team, with shared oversight and ownership of our whole performance and all the lives we look to positively impact. 

Candidate profile:

HBGI is looking for the following background, experience, skills and personal culture:

· You need be an agile thinker, who can work both analytically and creatively. You will almost certainly have a very strong academic background, having studied at one or more of the world’s leading universities.

· You will have brilliant English written skills. You will be a great communicator and ‘story teller’. You can speak fluently, articulately and compellingly. You will be a confident and convincing public speaker.

· You have a real eye for detail. You don’t compromise in order to achieve goals. You always strive to deliver excellence, achieving the most positive impact possible for the people your services are touching. You don’t see that there is any contradiction in delivering the highest possible quality and quantity.

· You have a willingness and ability to challenge the status quo in order to focus on what really matters for people accessing services. And you are comfortable working with ambiguity.

· You will really ‘get’ what we mean by performance and outcomes. You will be able to demonstrate how you have mobilized and managed programs that really emphasized this. Ideally these programs will have used performance-based contracts, but we understand that this is a bit niche.

· You have raised money before, ideally across philanthropists, international development donors and governments. This is a huge part of this role at HBGI. The success of the project depends on your ability to do this. You will have existing contacts/networks. You will have great credibility with potential funders/donors. You will know how to plan and project manage this.

· You have experience of procuring and managing subcontractors who actually delivered the frontline services. You oversaw and positively challenged their performance, constantly looking for improvement (i.e. more outcomes for more people).

Salary, location, benefits & other

Please note that we are open to and will consider applicants to work on either an employee or consultancy basis. You may want to offer your service as a consultant initially (possibly part-time), moving to employee (and full-time) status as you grow the program. We ask that you make your preference clear in your initial application.

Location: Home-based with regular travel. For the first two years at least, your operations will be based within southern Africa (e.g., South Africa, Botswana, Namibia, Malawi, Zimbabwe, Mozambique or Eswatini). To get this up and flying, you must have high credibility across Southern Africa. 

The full-time salary is up to $200,000 FTE, or equivalent day rate for contractors. This is negotiable and dependent on experience and location. We anticipate this will grow as the scale and reach of services grow.

HBGI will contribute up to 10% to a pension, double-matched against your contribution, i.e. if you contribute 5%, we will pay 10%. We also pay for health insurance (depending on national arrangements). Please note that this will only be available for those who are appointed as an employee.

To make sure you can participate actively in our largely virtual business, you will need to organize your own technology, including a laptop, internet connection and telephone. We have factored this in when we determined your salary. We will reimburse additional phone/data costs when you travel overseas.

Our normal full-time working week is 40 hours. You can plan these hours to suit you (around the working week of Monday to Friday) but you have to take the needs of the business into account, i.e. be available for meetings when needed, and you must keep your team and line manager informed of your plans.

This role will also be considered on a part time basis.

At HBGI, we care about your wellbeing and want you to take time for yourself. It’s important to switch off at the end of the day and over the weekend to recharge your batteries. That’s why we keep Fridays free of internal meetings, so you can end your week on a positive note, with your to-do list clear. You are expected to reflect this with your team.

The full-time paid, annual holiday allowance is 33 days, including HBGI leave and nationally-set holidays. After the first year of probation, this then increases by a day a year until it reaches 38 (including the nationally-set days).

Application instructions

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