New Business Director

International Development Group LLC
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    Arlington, Virginia
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  • Experience
    Mid Career / Advanced
  • Posted
    Jun 29

Position description

IDG’s aim is to simultaneously continue excelling at winning small business set asides in addition to embarking on a multi-year effort to build IDG’s reputation and to consistently win at full and open procurements competitively against large firms. The New Business Director will oversee the development of new business strategies, market intelligence gathering, and capture and proposal efforts. This position will lead a team of individuals to design and implement a company strategy for continual new business, positioning, capture, and proposals. This position will report to the CEO.

Key responsibilities include the following:

New business strategy and capture:

·      Leads and greatly expand our activities for capture, adapting and applying Shipley’s 96 capture steps to IDG.

·      Provides training to all staff on how to employ new business practices, capture planning and capture implementation.

·      Plans and present opportunities for senior technical staff to engage in purposeful networking opportunities and interactions with clients to build company reputation and pursue capture targets.

·      Formulates company practices and procedures for the collection of information on potential and upcoming opportunities; network and building relations with client personnel; build a database to track and manage information on client personnel and client interactions; and pursue capture opportunities.

·      Oversees and continuously utilize market intelligence that will assist with capture planning. Analyze and become familiar with USAID and other donor budgets to identify countries, regions, bureaus and technical areas for new business focus.

·      Oversees research of potential client audiences, and compilation and maintenance of databases of client contacts.

·      Identifies important multiple award framework contracts to pursue (IDIQs, BPAs, etc.), and implement capture plans.

·      Agrees upon a clear capture list for next several years. These should include follow-ons to any current IDG projects; appropriate economic growth activities; and USAID and MCC monitoring and evaluation opportunities.

·      Builds a gradual new business group of several individuals. This would be a dedicated unit in the company focused on broad new business ventures, on capture, and on managing proposal efforts. 

·      Maintains IDG’s practice of having staff continue to work both on new business and on project support.

·       Ensures that the new business unit will guide, inform, and lead IDG’s staff to effectively implement new business work.

·      Acquires tools to help forecast market opportunities. These could include: Deltek, GovWin, GovTribe, amongst others.

·      Other assigned duties and responsibilities as needed.

Proposal management

·      Supervises proposal efforts, which includes overseeing the allocation of staff, and the assignment of roles.

·      Supports and provides guidance concerning whether to pursue proposal opportunities (go/no go).

·      Reviews and revises the proposal manual as needed to ensure the most current and up-to-date information is available.

·      Provides ongoing training to staff related to the proposal process.

·      Provides sufficient resourcing to proposal teams, including monitoring responsiveness and timeliness of proposal inputs.

·      Contributes to the writing process of technical proposals, particularly capacity, quals, and personnel sections.

·      Manages the transition from capture to proposal phase.

·      Checks for detailed responsiveness to RFPs.

·      Manages red team and other reviews. This requires allowing sufficient time from when a first draft of a technical is completed until the submission date.

·      Collaborates with recruiters to clearly convey recruiting needs.

·      Supports pricing strategies and the development of budgets and cost proposals.

·      Other duties as assigned.



·      Bachelor’s or master’s degree in one of the following or related fields: business and business administration, international relations, public administration.

·      10+ years of experience in international development, government contracting, or related.

·      3 years or more of relevant experience in business development management for a relevant US government contractor or NGO implementing US government programs, experience in USAID contracting strongly preferred.

·      Experience with new business strategy formulation; capture management; and proposal leadership and supervision.

·      Familiarity with and training in the Shipley method of new business capture.

·      Knowledge of Federal Government Contract vehicles such as IDIQs, BPAs, CPFF, Time & Material, and GSA contracting vehicles.

·      Proficient in Excel, MS Word, and other computer systems.

·      Excellent oral and written communication skills.

·      Excellent organizational skills, ability to work independently, assess priorities, and manage a variety of activities, paying attention to detail under tight deadlines and heavy workloads.

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