Subject Matter Expert III - Iran

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    Washington, D.C.
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    Mid Career
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    Oct 01

Position description

The contractor shall be directly responsible to the GEC Iran Team Director who shall provide assignments to the contractor, provide policy guidance, establish relative priorities, and outline policy goals and objectives. The contractor has the responsibility for planning and carrying out assignments.

The contractor shall undertake travel within the U.S. and abroad as necessary and determined by the GEC. The contractors shall be responsible for the quality and technical accuracy of all services or work products delivered by the contractors under this contract.

Government has the right to inspect and test all services called for by the contract, to the extent practicable at all places and times during the term of the contract. If any of the services performed do not conform to contract requirements, the Government may require the contractors to perform the services again in conformity with contract requirements. When the defects in services cannot be corrected by re-performance, the Government may require the contractors to take necessary action to ensure that future performance conforms to contract requirements. If the contractors fail to promptly perform the services again or take the action necessary to ensure future performance in conformity with contract requirements, the Government may terminate the contract for cause.


Subject Matter Expert:

The Coordinator for FY 17 NDAA Implementation shall:

·         Advise on the formulation and implementation of the GEC’s countering State - Sponsored Propaganda and Disinformation (CSD) mission

·         Serve as a counselor to the GEC Iran Team Director on a range of communications related issues.

·         Liaise with Field-grade and Senior officials of the Department of Defense (DoD) with respect to GEC priorities and lines of funding, in accordance with paragraph (e) of the NDAA, and with other authorities and appropriations, as relevant

·         Liaise with IC components involved in aspects of messaging relevant to the GEC to ensure synchronization, coordination and cognizance of broader foreign policy

·         Engage with bureaus and offices across the breadth of State to harness their specific expertise against GEC requirements, particularly but not exclusively with respect to the CDC mission and associated responsibilities

·         Ensure that appropriate Department of State (State) entities are apprised of relevant aspects of the GEC’s CSD mission and that their input and expertise are factored in to strategic and operational concepts

·         Provide analysis of the resources that are applied to the GEC mission and the identify the best available mechanisms to accomplish desired outcomes

·         Advise on the preparation of memoranda and presentations for very high levels of the

·         Executive Branch and for appropriate personnel of the Legislative Branch

·         Advise on disputes and misunderstandings that may arise among various organizations and components involved in this complex interagency and transnational undertaking

·         Travel within the United States and abroad, as may be required to fulfill these requirements

·         Provide advice and mentoring to GEC staff


The Operations Integrator (Analyst):

·         Assist and advise the Director of the Iran Team to recommend necessary enhancements or changes to better enable the Center to achieve operational success, and how best to engage partners.

·         Leverage multiple information conduits to achieve optimal integration of information related capabilities as appropriate for the Center’s portfolios while enhancing both daily operations of the center as well as multi -actor campaign support for Center portfolios.

·         Contributes to the development of strategic plans for enhancing whole of government CVE coordination efforts, including Global Combatant Commands efforts and capabilities to counter the extremist narrative, disrupt radicalization efforts among foreign societies, and proactively push the positive attributes of the American narrative.

·         The contractor collaborates with planners and subject matter experts from other appropriate organizations (Global Combatant Commands) in gathering and analyzing fact and data.

·         Formulates conclusions and recommendation for action and

·         Incorporates findings into reports and oral presentations, as necessary, for various levels of the Center’s management.


The Operations Integrator shall possess:

Mastery of the theories and principles of Information Operations, Operational Planning, USG Coordination activities, Intelligence Analysis, international relations, economics, history, geography, or other related disciplines applied in analyzing and evaluating factors and conditions involved in the administration of U.S. counterterrorism programs.

Minimum six (6) years’ experience in Information Operations or Strategic Communications planning, minimum of ten (10) years Department of Defense (DoD) experience, minimum of six(6) years of collection and analysis of open-source, terrorist, social and traditional media.

Minimum of six (6) years’ work experience with the State Department (DoS), Department of Defense (DoD), or other government agencies coordinating Information Operations, CVE efforts, and countering-terrorist messaging.

Experience traveling in, living in, and working with partners in less developed regions of the world, specifically including limited-access areas of the Middle East.

Established relationships with counterparts relevant to this position in foreign governments and across the interagency.

Experience planning and coordinating unattributed CVE campaigns and programs where extremist organizations are known to operate or recruit.

Substantive knowledge of information and messaging programs to provide authoritative advice and guidance regarding the policy implications of issues and developments in an assigned specialty area.

Substantive knowledge of Countering Violent Extremism, strategic communications, influence operations, and communications program design to guide and plan campaigns and projects within the purview of the office.

Experience presenting to domestic and foreign audiences on topics pertaining to Countering Violent Extremism.

Experience working in and with all the following: DOS, DOD, the IC, the private sector, NGOs.

Ability to establish liaisons at all levels throughout the foreign policy and intelligence communities to exchange and coordinate information vital to both spheres of operation.

Skill in oral and written communication to prepare and present planning efforts, providing guidance, soliciting information, defending proposals, and negotiating agreements.

Significant experience integrating field data and analysis products to develop strategies and plans to counter extremist organization communication efforts among foreign populations.

Experience applying academically valid theory to design Measures of Effectiveness platforms for strategic communication programs.

Experience acting as a SME at partner nation trainings or conferences.

Experience presenting on counter messaging to partner nation military or diplomatic audiences.

Experience in training new staff while sustaining own office productivity and taking on new program duties as required.

Ability to leverage personal relationships with USG decision-makers to improve regional networking.

Experience in independently initiating, developing, and implementing public affairs, outreach, education, and community affairs programs.

Experience developing short- and long-term operational plans as they pertain to Outreach and Strategic Communications, evaluating the effectiveness of programs areas to ensure they fulfill mission goals and responsibilities.



Education and Experience

The Coordinator for FY 17 NDAA Implementation shall possess:

·         An advanced (MS, MA, JD, PhD or equivalent) degree in political science, mass communications, journalism, national security studies, counterterrorism, or a closely related field

·         Significant experience ·working in the U.S. Government’s interagency process, including employment by, or assignments or details to, at least one organization and at least one member of the Intelligence Community (IC) organization outside of the State Department

·         Five or more years of work in counterterrorism or counter-radicalization (also known as countering violent extremism), in any branch of the U.S. government or in the private sector, including NGOs

·         Three or more years of experience with counterterrorism communications or with efforts to counter state-sponsored disinformation, or a combination of the two totaling three or more years

·         At least two years’ experience working in collaboration with an international or multilateral organization of interest or concern to the GEC, such as NATO (or a NATO mission), the EU, the OSCE or the Global Counterterrorism Forum (GCTF), or, in the alternative, at least two years’ employment by such an international or multilateral organization

·         Experience and skill at briefing the Legislative Branch

·         Outstanding capability to communicate, orally and in writing.

Application instructions

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