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    May 06

Position description

Position Description

We are looking for Political Analysts who can understand, predict, produce and deliver written assessments of relevant domestic and international policies, as well as their potential impacts. Our Analysts will exhibit strength in incorporating political and economic insights into geopolitical analysis in their role as our content contributor. Our Analysts are expected to have both experience in relevant careers and insight in the on-going global dynamics with special attention on certain parts, for instance, the Indo-Pacific.

Our consistent commitment to our Analysts is guaranteed. We have a unique Renumeration Package with basic payment plus COMPETITIVE extra bonus that not only matches the quality of our Analysts’ work but also far exceeds their expectations. 

Renumeration Plans

Basic payment plus COMPETITIVE extra bonus.


-- Bachelor’s degree and above in, but not limited to, areas in international studies, political science, Asia-Pacific studies, country-specific studies

-- Proven career experience in relevant areas

-- Excellent analytical and critical thinking skills

-- Multi-tasking and time-management skills, with the ability to prioritize tasks

-- Highly organized and task-minded


-- To provide forward-looking and evidence-based reports with geopolitical analysis of Indo-Pacific region

-- To provide advisory event notifications to clients’ decision-making process

-- To assist designated research projects

Application instructions

Whilst applying, please attach a CV detailing career and education, as well as areas of strength.