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    Jun 10

Position description

At Founders Pledge, our mission is to empower entrepreneurs to do immense good. Since launching in 2015, our members have pledged to donate over $7 billion to charitable causes. We offer the simplest path to impact for successful entrepreneurs, providing end-to-end giving infrastructure, pioneering research, and access to a worldwide network of experts. In other words, we help tech leaders become strategic philanthropists. Our 1600+ members include the people behind industry-leading companies such as Airbnb, UiPath, Dropbox, Skype, Spotify, and Uber.


We are looking for a Senior Advisor to join our Advisory team. The Advisory team’s core goal is to positively influence members’ giving to ensure that the maximum value is donated to the highest impact funding opportunities.

At Founders Pledge we take a cause neutral approach to finding the best ways to save and improve lives for three broad categories of recipients: (1) people alive today, (2) animals, and (3) future generations of people. High impact funding opportunities are sourced through the Research team’s evaluations and those of our research partners. You may contribute to research on occasion, depending on capacity and the skills and expertise of the individual advisor, but this is not a key focus of the role.

We have a very high threshold for a funding opportunity to be considered “high impact” and are committed to moving money to the very best options. You should be comfortable with the fact that we optimise for impact across causes, not within them, meaning that we do not recommend grants in all cause areas.

As a Senior Advisor, you will achieve this goal primarily through one-to-one advisory relationships with individual members, in which you will build giving plans and suggest suitable funding opportunities based on individual members’ values and preferences. In addition, you will contribute to the development of educational resources, learning sessions, and other tools which help our members navigate the philanthropic landscape and encourage them to give in an impact-maximizing way.

Advisors do not hold relationships exclusively, so you will work closely with other member-facing teams at Founders Pledge, specifically the Growth and Community teams, to build strong personal relationships with members over their entire Founders Pledge experience.

As ​Senior Advisor, you'll:

  • Have calls and meetings with individual members (and their families), during which you’ll build relationships and provide advice on when and where to give to maximise their impact. This includes providing:
  1. Personalized “philanthropy curriculum” sessions to inform and educate members on high impact giving using core educational content
  2. “Value discovery” sessions in which you explore members values and motivations
  3. Personalized portfolios and giving recommendations
  • Contribute to the development, production and testing of new resources, methods and tools which we can use to improve our service. These will include but are not limited to:
  1. Educational sessions for our members which introduce core concepts of how we think about charity
  2. Session and materials aimed at communicating our research and findings
  3. Informational material on strategic philanthropy
  4. Engaging and persuasive write ups of our recommended funding opportunities
  • Manage relationships to ensure members are well supported in their giving
  • Stay up to date on our internal research, as well as new developments in the areas we have expertise in and the charity sector more broadly

This role involves cross-team work and you will need to be flexible and keen to pitch in on a range of different projects. We are continually developing and improving our Advisory service and ultimately the direction the role takes will depend on which components are found to be most effective at helping us achieve our goals.


You'll thrive in this role if you are very open minded about the best way to make a difference philanthropically, rather than having a strong commitment to a specific cause, geography, location or type of charitable work. This post on our approach to giving is a helpful read. We are also happy to expand on this idea in the interview process or answer questions from potential applicants who would like to understand more. It is crucial that you are aligned with this approach and are keen to communicate it engagingly and persuasively with members.

You won’t need to have previous experience in philanthropic advising or the charity sector (although we are interested in candidates who do), but you will ideally have some/most of the following:

  • Alignment with Founders Pledge’s view of high impact charitable giving (described above)
  • Experience relevant to communicating complex information persuasively (this could be from a range of backgrounds, e.g. sales, communications, fundraising, education)
  • An enthusiasm for having challenging conversations and convincing others to examine their beliefs
  • Motivation to achieve (and ideally surpass) targets. The team aims to move more money each year to the very best charitable opportunities. These are team targets, not individual ones and we work collaboratively, but the ideal candidate will be someone who finds a challenge and ambitious goals motivating
  • An advanced degree, ideally in a subject with a strong analytical element
  • Experience with client and/or stakeholder relationship management
  • Comfort with public speaking and a willingness to represent FP externally when required
  • Excellent interpersonal and presentational skills
  • Exceptional analytical skills: the ability to understand, answer questions on and communicate the research team’s quantitative work
  • Clear writing: The ability to express nuanced evidence and complex concepts in a clear and compelling way
  • Intellectual curiosity and openness: a willingness to consider alternative points of view, to follow good arguments wherever they lead, and openness to changing your mind/updating
  • Desire to work in a high-growth, dynamic startup environment.

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