Intelligence Analyst (Business Intelligence)

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    Washington, D.C.
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    Mid Career
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    Apr 18

Position description

The IAU Business Intelligence Analyst plays an integral role in advancing BP’s commercial operations by collecting, analyzing, and presenting intelligence which informs strategy and directly mitigates risks to BP’s people, assets, operations, and reputation. The IAU Business Intelligence Analyst provides deep research, tailored analysis, and regular written reporting on a range of ethical, geopolitical, regulatory, and reputational risks related to BP’s operations and operational partners.

  • Delivers timely and actionable intelligence to BP businesses and leadership through informed analysis and understanding of historical, political, and cultural variables impacting BP’s geographic operating areas.
  • Serves as the open-source intelligence collection engine behind IAU’s Business Intelligence practice. Utilizes a range of electronic intelligence tools and social media to collect and interrogate large volumes of data.

Key accountabilities

  • Independently collect, collate, and analyze intelligence from multiple sources to support country entry, negotiations, litigation, counterparty risk, security assessment, and threat evaluation.
  • Analyzes disparate and complex pieces of raw intelligence from multiple sources to form deep analytic judgments regarding commercial, reputational, ethical, and political risks related to the strategic commercial activity of the group.
  • Regularly draft informative and succinct intelligence reports detailing IAU’s collection findings and analysis reports based on IAU reporting standards. Inform and influence high value, or high-risk business decisions through tailored analysis.
  • Orally brief intelligence findings to BP stakeholders across multiple business lines around the globe.
  • Identify and exploit global sources of information including databases, local and foreign-language media and academic journals, internet sources and public records.
  • Identify and exploit various forms of both popular and obscure social media for use in finished intelligence reporting.
  • Synthesize data into graphic analyses such as link analysis charts, time lines and spread-sheets to assist with the presentation of complex issues.


Essential Education

  • Master’s Degree (or Bachelor’s Degree with professional experience), preferably focused on International Affairs and National Security, with focuses in Intelligence.

Essential experience and job requirements

  • Understanding of the intelligence cycle in a professional setting (establishing requirements, collecting raw intelligence, conducting analysis, briefing findings to consumers).
  • Experience briefing complex research findings to senior consumers.
  • Understanding of the role intelligence plays in guiding commercial decision-making.
  • Experience using open source tools to gather deeply-buried information.
  • Must possess strong research skills, as well as excellent written and oral communication skills.
  • Sound judgment is required, as well as the ability to parse most relevant information from large volumes of data.

Other Requirements (e.g. Travel, Location)

There are no additional requirements. Please respond with N/A below.

Desirable criteria & qualifications

  • Knowledge of global/country politics and international affairs.
  • Ability to apply a core set of research and analysis skills to an extremely diverse range of geographies and issues.
  • Ability to operate in an ambiguous environment and using judgment to provide effective, data based recommendations to the business.
  • Ability to communicate complicated issues and cases in a concise and effective manner.
  • Understanding of BP global, regional and local interests and activities to ensure focus and usefulness of IAU Business Intelligence products.
  • Ability to manage the problem of information overload and ‘noise’ by continuously improving analytic tools and techniques.
  • Ability to discover deeply buried information, especially in geographies where record creation and retention is inadequate.

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