Regional Representative for EU Affairs

United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR)
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Position description

Before submitting an application, UNHCR staff members intending to apply to this Job Opening are requested to consult the Recruitment and Assignments Policy (RAP, UNHCR/HCP/2017/2 and the Recruitment and Assignments Administrative Instruction (RAAI), UNHCR/AI/2017/7 OF 15 August 2017.

Duties and Qualifications:

Regional Representative for EU Affairs

As the HC's senior representative to EU institutions, the Rep. will ensure that UNHCR's interests both in EU countries, and worldwide, are represented at the highest levels with the European Commission, European Council and European Parliament.

As the High Commissioner's senior representative in the region, the Regional Representative provides managerial leadership and oversight to ensure UNHCR's effective performance in the countries falling within her/his area of responsibility. 

Reporting to the Director of the Bureau,
- As Representative to the EU, he/she monitors developments and tendencies within the various European Institutions and ensures a proactive strategic approach to issues of Asylum in Europe and global policies affecting refugees worldwide.
- He/she will muster, through the Bureau Director, timely and adequate support from DIP and DER, and when appropriate, from Regional Bureau, the support and advice necessary to guarantee that the most accurate and credible information informs all interaction the Brussels office entertains with EU Institutions. 
- As Regional Representative he/she is responsible, in cooperation with the country/national offices, and accountable for translating organizational and Bureau-wide objectives and policies into effective advocacy and programmes. Through a continuous process of situational analysis, the Regional Representative works with his/her regional team (including country/national offices) to identify strategic objectives and develop coherent, consistent and effective responses to the challenges faced at the regional and national levels. He/she is responsible for ensuring the adequate provision of technical support and guidance to all country/national offices to enable them to fulfil their accountabilities, including those outlined in the Terms of Reference of UNHCR offices as well as the Age, Gender and Diversity Accountability Framework.
- As a direct second reporting line to the Director of DER, he/she advises on strategy and messaging to align fundraising efforts in the EU with global needs in support of UNHCR corporate priorities.
On the basis of delegated authority from the Bureau Director, the Representative plays the role of Regional Coordinator in relation to a broader grouping of countries in the sub-region to which s/he is not directly accredited.  S/he assures overall strategic coherence in those countries, spearheads the development of sub-regional strategies, oversees the allocation and management of resources, and provides first-tier political support to country Representatives reporting to him/her as required. He/she also represents the High Commissioner and other Senior officials in events/meetings with EU senior officials, as required, and inform HQs on the opportunity/timeliness of specific missions from such officials to Brussels.

In that  context, the Regional Representative works to ensure that UNHCR is widely perceived as an effective and trusted partner. He/she is responsible for creating effective networks, relationships, partnerships, and synergies with governments, NGOs, relevant regional political and other fora, civil society, persons of concern and all other key strategic partners and actors. He/she lends visibility to important strategic issues, promotes concerted action and the commitment of sufficient resources and expertise to address important matters of concern to UNHCR.  
In a complex and demanding political and operational environment, the Regional Representative strives to build a dynamic and sufficiently capacitated EU and regional team. S/he devolves appropriate authorities, facilitates the sharing of expertise and best practice and creates a climate of collaboration, which aims to empower and motivate colleagues to approach challenges with insight and innovation and to work toward achieving measurable and effective results. He/she has a responsibility to inform the Bureau and other relevant parties at Headquarters of key political and operational developments in a timely manner. 
The behaviour and actions of the Regional Representative must at all times reflect the core values and principles embodied in UNHCR¿s mandate. A failure on the part of the Regional Representative to adhere to these standards would have negative implications for UNHCR¿s credibility, operations and, ultimately, the protection and well-being of persons of concern to the Office.

- UNHCR has a clear understanding on the evolution of policies, directives and regulations being prepared within EU institutions in order to ensure timely interventions with a view to reflect UNHCR global policies and principles in EU instruments.
- UNHCR develops and maintains trusted and transparent relationship with critical senior officials of the European Commission, European Council and MPs from key sub-committees, in order to ensure our interventions will be taken into consideration and impact policy and legislative development, as well as funding decisions.
- UNHCR develops and maintains a clear strategic plan for the advancement of UNHCR' priorities at EU and EU MS level. 
- UNHCR has a clearly articulated country/regional strategy to protect and find solutions for persons of concern.
- The protection framework in the country/region ensures availability and quality of asylum, operating systems and search for durable solutions for all categories of persons of concern.
- UNHCR¿s policies and standards are applied consistently within the country/regional operation to ensure quality protection for populations of concern, and in our interaction with EU Institutions.
- Resources are commensurate with operational objectives and are allocated and managed effectively to meet the Office's objectives.   
- UNHCR provides a healthy, safe and respectful working environment for its workforce in the country. 

Strategic Direction
- Monitor political and policy developments within European Institutions.
- Ensure coherence of UNHCR voice on European domestic and Global.
- Ensure UNHCR's strategic priorities are advanced effectively with the EU and EU MS.
- Stay abreast of the challenges posed by the local or regional political context.
- Manage a consultative process within the country/regional operations and with external partners.
- Develop and implement a comprehensive communications strategy that generates political and financial support for UNHCR's operations. Mobilize financial support for UNHCR corporate priorities as well for country/regional specific projects.
- Ensure that requirements attached to the management of EU contributions (submissions, reporting, income recording) are met in a timely manner.

- Implement a results-oriented approach for assessing, designing and delivering the country/regional operation.
- Ensure that the protection strategy is fully integrated into the office's operations plan and that necessary resources are allocated to it.
- Ensure the office's operation¿s adherence to UNHCR's policy on Age, Gender and Diversity Mainstreaming (AGDM).
- Ensure the country/regional operation plans are consistent with the regional and global strategic priorities.
- Manage a participatory process, with all stakeholders, to apply UNHCR¿s standards and indicators in assessing and measuring the performance of the country/regional operations.
- Promote the application of protection standards in the treatment of all persons of concern especially women and children.
- Ensure all persons of concern, especially women and children, have access to relevant information; ensure that cases of sexual violence and abuse against girls and boys are reported and dealt with expeditiously.
- Ensure the engagement of UNHCR in the UNCT, UN common programming, planning and funding activities and to actively contribute in the establishment of the CCA/UNDAF and the consequent joint implementation activities.
- Participate in the Cluster approach, ensure UNHCR's Cluster Lead role and implement other IASC and inter-agency/UN policies.
- Ensure that risks to the operation¿s objectives are regularly assessed, priority risks are identified and risk treatments for the priority risks form an integral part of the operations plans.

Resource Management
- Ensure that staff and financial resources are commensurate with operational objectives.
- Ensure effective and efficient management of resources within the rules and procedures of UNHCR.
- Establish and manage local administrative mechanisms such as a Local Regional Contracts (or Purchasing) Committee, Local Regional Asset Management Board and APPC.
- Ensure local compliance with UNHCR's human resources (HR) policies including on gender, disabilities, diversity, ethics and HIV/AIDS.
- Manage a process of recruitment, assignment and reassignment of local staff for the country operation, in accordance UN/UNHCR rules and procedures.
- Where necessary, identify the most appropriate affiliate workforce and optimize its use.
- In coordination with the Global Learning Centre, ensure that the learning needs of UNHCR's workforce in the country are identified, assessed and addressed. 
- Exercise effective managerial oversight, direction, guidance and support and conduct regular performance appraisals and coaching.

- In close collaboration with the regional offices, the Designated Official (DO), UNDSS and UN country team/Security Management Team (SMT), gather and analyse information on the local security situation and play an active role in the inter-agency security and contingency planning processes.
- Ensure that appropriate security measures are in place to protect staff, and that the country operation complies with UN MOSS/MORSS staff security rules, guidelines and procedures.

- Represent UNHCR in the UNCT/Humanitarian Country Team and other inter-agency fora.
- Direct and oversee the priority activities the office must pursue with European Institutions. 
- Decide on the country/regional strategy and priorities, country operations plans, and approve the country operation¿s protection strategy.
- Enforce local compliance with UNHCR¿s global protection, programme, finance and human resources and security policies and standards.
- Negotiate and sign local agreements with implementing and operational partners.
- Authorize payments as per the organization¿s Delegation of Authority Plan (DOAP) and in accordance with UN/UNHCR rules and procedures.
- Modify operational projects and reallocate funds, within the approved budgets and in respect of donor earmarking.


- Graduate degree (equivalent of a Master¿s) in Political Science, Social Science, International Relations, Law, Business Administration, Human Resources Management, and/or other relevant fields plus minimum 16 years of relevant job experience at professional level, with more than 10 years in international capacity. Senior positions in a large governmental or international agency. Undergraduate degree (equivalent of a BA/BS) plus 17 years or Doctorate degree (equivalent of a PhD) plus 15 years of previous relevant work experience may also be accepted.
- Extensive knowledge of UNHCR operations and services.
- A high level of skill in management of broad programmes, political decision making and negotiating, as well as demonstrated tolerance to frequently changing and highly charged situations. 
- Ability to lead strategic planning, change processes, results-based management and reporting. 
- Ability to lead formulation, oversight of implementation, monitoring and evaluation of operations. 
- Ability to manage for results: translates strategic aims into achievable plans, with established priorities, monitors them, making periodic adjustments as required. 
- Ability to effectively represent UNHCR at the senior level in internal and external meetings and to build strong relationships with clients.
- Excellent knowledge of English.

- Completion of UNHCR training programmes, such us Protection Learning Programme, Operations Management Learning Programme.
- Knowledge of geo-political realities and their socio-cultural implications.
- Knowledge of French.

Position Competencies

C001L4 - Accountability Level 4
C002L4 - Teamwork & Collaboration Level 4
C003L4 - Communication Level 4
C004L4 - Commitment to Continuous Learning Level 4
C005L4 - Client & Result Orientation Level 4
C006L4 - Organizational Awareness Level 4
M001L4 - Empowering and Building Trust Level 4
M002L4 - Managing Performance Level 4
M006L4 - Managing Resources Level 4
M005L4 - Leadership Level 4
M003L4 - Judgement and Decision Making Level 4
M004L4 - Strategic Planning and Vision Level 4
X004L4 - Negotiation and Conflict Resolution Level 4
X001L4 - Analytical Thinking Level 4
X007L4 - Political Awareness Level 4

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