Senior International Gender Expert (Macedonia)

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    Mar 12

Position description

USAID/Macedonia has contracted Banyan Global to carry out a country-level Gender Analysis to inform the Mission’s North Macedonia’s Country Development Cooperation Strategy (CDCS) for FY 2020 -2025. Findings from the Gender Analysis will inform the new CDCS, specifically potential contributions to the new presidential initiative for women’s empowerment. The CDCS will also provide practical recommendations on how to ensure gender integration throughout project planning, implementation, monitoring, and evaluation cycles. USAID/Macedonia is currently in the process of setting the parameters for its 2020-2025 CDCS and expects that the findings of the Gender Analysis would be used to inform Development Objective and Results Framework that will be developed in 2019. To inform the results framework, the Gender Analysis will address how gender relations, gender equality, and women’s empowerment issues may affect USAID’s achievement of sustainable development results.


Banyan Global is hiring a Senior International Gender Expert to carry out the Gender Analysis from April 11 – June 21, 2019. The gender analysis will focus on several sectors/thematic areas: 1. Increased Private Sector Growth; 2. Citizen Responsive Governance; and 3. Improved Social Cohesion. In addition, the analysis will consider urban/rural age, ethnicity, religion and geographic location (including for example, differences between rural Albanians and Macedonians, Roma populations and ethnic groups). It will also address gender-based violence as a key thematic priority area. Furthermore, the analysis consider how USAID can support Macedonia’s journey to self-reliance, and this end, it should identify both strengths and weakness surrounding gender equality that can be leveraged or addressed in the next CDCS to achieve this agency goal.

Within this context, the Gender Analysis will address the following questions:

  • What are the barriers for equal male-female participation in all of the sectors/thematic areas mentioned above?
  • What are the ways in which women and men, boys and girls, are impacted differently by problems/opportunities in these sectors?
  • What are potential measures for improving women's access to services, employment opportunities, and policy planning?
  • What are potential measures for enhancing the leadership role that NGOs and others play on gender issues in the sectors that USAID might want to engage?
  • What role does gender-based violence play as a cross-cutting priority in all of the sectors mentioned above and what are potential measures to mitigate it?
  • How do cultural norms and beliefs add to the economic disparities observed between women and men?
  • What laws, policies, and regulations are in place that inhibit or influence the decision-making power of women and men?

The Senior International Gender Expert will lead preparation of a desk review. He/she will travel to Macedonia for 12 days (April 29-May 10, 2019) to carry out data collection for the Gender Analysis and provide a presentation of preliminary findings to USAID/Macedonia at the end of the mission. The Senior International Gender Expert will lead the preparation of a draft and final Gender Analysis Report in English in line with USAID and Banyan Global formatting and graphics standards. The estimated level of effort is maximum 35 days, and the tasks to be completed include the following:

  • Manage two (2) National Gender Specialists specialist and collaborate with an extended team of additional USAID regional and mission staff.
  • Lead the preparation of a desk review, which will include a review of existing literature and resources, a detailed methodology, work plan, table of contents, and data collection instruments for the Gender Analysis.
  • Collaborate with the National Gender Specialists to provide an entry briefing to USAID/Macedonia on the purpose of the gender analysis.
  • Lead the research team in data collection for the Gender Analysis for 12 days in Macedonia, which will include conducting discussions and interviews with staff from USAID/Macedonia, US Embassy, Government of Macedonia counterparts, other bilateral and multilateral organizations, private sector and NGOs active in gender-related areas in Macedonia.
  • Provide a presentation of data collection methods and preliminary findings and recommendations of the Gender Analysis to USAID/Macedonia.
  • Lead the drafting of the final Gender Analysis report in collaboration with the two National Gender Specialists; and make revisions to the draft based on USAID and Banyan Global feedback; and submit the Final Gender Analysis Report to Banyan Global.
  • Systematically incorporate feedback of the USAID extended team on ways to improve the standard Banyan Global gender analysis research tools.


The Senior International Gender Expert must have the following qualifications and experience:

  • Master’s degree or its equivalent in social science or related subject.
  • Minimum eight years of experience in designing and/or conducting analyses of gender, and in integration of gender perspectives into assistance programming.
  • Excellent communication, presentation, and writing skills in the English language.
  • Strong team management skills.
  • Proven ability to lead teams and work well/interact with USAID.
  • Demonstrated knowledge of USAID gender and social integration standards, including policies and strategies.
  • Strong background in qualitative research methods.
  • Ability to undertake data collection in Macedonia (April 29-May 10, 2019).

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