Head, Rule of Law, Security & Human Rights for Sustainable Peace and Development

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Position description

In addition to co-leading and contributing to other cross-cutting, substantive areas covered by the Crisis Bureau (CB) and the Development Policy Bureau (DPB), the Team Leader for RLSHR will cover the following thematic/programming areas as part of the Global Policy Network (GPN):

  • Justice, Police and Corrections;
  • Security sector Reform;
  • Community Security;
  • Sexual Violence in Conflict;
  • Human Rights.

In addition, the coordination of UNDP’s policy and programmatic engagement in the area of stabilization will be facilitated by the RLSHR team.

The Team Leader for Rule of Law, Security and Human Rights is a member of both the Crisis Bureau senior management team and the GPN management team. S/he leads the collaborative process of policy development and programme support in the rule of law, justice, security and human rights fields, in collaboration with UN system partners, in particular the Peace and Security Pillar. S/he is responsible for providing leadership and substantive direction to all the Team’s sub-thematic areas and experts located both in HQ, the Regional Hubs and relevant Global Policy Centers, as well for the overall management of staff. S/he works closely with all other teams in CB and DPB to ensure integrated and coordinated support to countries. S/he will bring world-class authoritative leadership, advice and technical expertise, leading advocacy and speaking authoritatively on behalf of the organization, establishing guidelines and directing the work of staff within the Team. S/he will facilitate the creation of integrated support and ensure an integrated multi-disciplinary approach to recovery and resilience building in crisis and post crisis settings.

S/he is accountable for the following functions:

  • Policy formulation and development;
  • Policy advice and programme support delivery for conflict prevention and peacebuilding;
  • Team management;
  • Partnerships, representation and resource mobilization;
  • Knowledge development and management.

Duties and Responsibilities

Policy Formulation and Development:

  • Direct and substantively guide UNDP’s formulation of, engagement in and support of the UN’s global Rule of Law, security and human rights for sustaining peace agenda, developing integral links to the 2030 agenda and the Sustainable Development Goals, particularly goal 16;
  • Ensure the timely provision of expertise which creates global recognition of the organization as an authority, source of innovation and thought leader in Rule of Law, Security and Human Rights;
  • Ensure a coordinated approach to UNDP’s engagement in the area stabilization, working across the organization as a connector;
  • Direct and guide the team on the integration of UNDP’s work into a coherent policy and programming framework in support of the implementation of the UNDP Strategic Plan;
  • Lead and coordinate production of relevant analysis and guidance, in close collaboration with GPN substantive and strategic policy teams on emerging issues of global significance and also with other UN rule of law entities working in crisis and post-conflict contexts under the Global Focal Point arrangement;
  • Design high quality policy initiatives and research for different contexts on key emerging policy agendas, in collaboration with Regional Hubs, Policy Centers, Country Offices, UN missions and other UN entities;
  • Oversee the quality assurance of policy services and foster policy innovation in the specific thematic area.

Policy Advice/ Programme Support Delivery:

  • Provide substantive leadership, quality control and guidance to the team in their provision of policy and programme advisory services to country offices, ensuring relevance of the services provided to country and regional context including crisis and prevention situations;
  • Provide programme support to UNDP country offices and to UN entities in crisis and post-conflict contexts in close coordination with other UN entities under the Global Focal Point arrangement;
  • Oversee implementation, funding, and strategic direction of the UNDP Global Programme for Strengthening the Rule of Law and Human Rights for Sustaining Peace and Sustainable Development;
  • Guide the team in using integrated multi-disciplinary approaches to meet policy and programming needs in line with corporate guidance and standards;
  • Liaise with CB Country support management team and Regional Bureaux teams to ensure a rapid and well-coordinated response to crisis and conflict situations and provide related contributions to UNDP SURGE for country offices;
  • Liaise with external partners and the SDG Integrator Team to provide support to SDG implementation especially G16Plus implementation; SDG Accelerator labs; and MAPS missions from the thematic perspective;
  • Substantively lead and co-lead with relevant UNDP and UN teams and entities joint programming, taskforces, and other processes to ensure impactful results and outcomes.

Team Management:

  • Set the direction for the team, including roles and responsibilities, accountability and reporting;
  • Promote a collaborative work culture in the team, in the spirit of the GPN, working in particular in full collaboration with the Conflict prevention, peacebuilding and responsive institutions Team and the Governance Team;
  • Lead and manage staff in the team in the formulation and implementation of the substantive work plan of the team and oversee staff accountability;
  • Ensure that the technical capacity of the policy advisors and specialists managed is optimally aligned with business needs and that team members are encouraged to seek new client opportunities and amplify the value and reputation of DPB in the thematic area;
  • Encourage the team to critically assess itself against emerging trends and thinking in the profession;
  • Ensure that Performance Assessments are carried out according to UNDP procedures;
  • Establish and maintain an enabling environment for staff well-being, harmonious working relationships and team-building, by promoting consistent and constructive communication, open information sharing, and coordination among all staff;
  • Ensure that the work of the team is conducted in accordance with relevant business processes and that high-quality outputs are delivered on time.

Partnerships, Representation Advocacy and Resource mobilization:

  • Lead and facilitate the team’s capacity to mobilize, foster and strengthen strategic partnerships with UN and other relevant bodies and provide substantive inputs to those partnerships;
  • Represent the team in UNDP’s corporate discussions, in interagency coordination and in other fora to engage partners in advancing the team’s strategic agenda;
  • Lead the engagement and system-wide support role for UNDP as co-lead of the UN Global Focal Point for the Rule of Law and manage other operational partnerships such as OHCHR, UNHCR and GANRHI;
  • Represent UNDP and engage in UN interagency coordination, policy processes and other fora with the aim to advance UNDP’s strategic agenda in the thematic area;
  • In collaboration with BERA and under the coordination of the Deputy Director, lead resource mobilization to support the delivery of UNDP results;
  • Advocate policy and positioning of this thematic area in international fora, including academia and civil society.

Knowledge Development and Management:

  • Instill a strong culture of knowledge management and knowledge sharing in the team;
  • Provide substantive leadership to UNDP Communities of Practice, in particular the CoP on Governance for peaceful, just, and inclusive societies & the CoP on Crisis prevention and increased resilience;
  • Oversee, influence and promote the advance of policy dialogue in the team’s thematic areas through cross-regional exchange of knowledge and collaboration, South-South and triangular cooperation, and synthesis of knowledge emerging from the development and implementation of programmes;
  • Oversee the knowledge extraction, analysis, documentation, codification of results/lessons learned in the specific thematic area, in line with guidelines and corporate tools;
  • Stimulate the use of blogs, social media, community of practice to ensure wide dissemination of positions, events, debates on the topics covered by the team;
  • Deliver high quality intellectual leadership on UNDP’s sustainable human development, including in crisis contexts, knowledge products and services through quality assurance, strategic guidance and oversight;
  • Lead the capacity development of UNDP staff in application of tools and practices on Rule of Law, Justice, Security & Human Rights.




Ability to make new and useful ideas work.


  • Ability to persuade others to follow.

People Management:

  • Ability to improve performance and satisfaction.


  • Ability to listen, adapt, persuade and transform.


  • Ability to get things done.



Rule of Law, Justice, Security

  • Knowledge of Rule of Law, Justice and Security concepts and principles and ability to apply to strategic and/or practical situations.

Security and Police Sector Development:

  • Security and police sector development, including security governance and oversight.

Human Rights:

  • Knowledge of international Human Rights standards and principles and the ability to apply to strategic and/or practical situations.

Justice and Human rights Sector Development:

  • Justice sector development including access to justice and human rights systems and institutions.

Women's Access to Justice:

  • Women’s Legal Rights and Access to Justice (RoL).

Security and Policy Sector Development:

  • Security and police sector development, including security governance and oversight.

Crisis Policy and Tools:

  • Ability to develop and implement methods and tools for crisis situations.


  • Ability to productively share UNDP knowledge and activities (at UN and other venues).

Resource Mobilization:

  • Ability to identify and organize programmes and projects to implement solutions and generate resources.


  • Ability to engage with other agencies and forge productive working relationships.


Trends and emerging areas analytics

  • Ability to scan the horizon and identify approaches and initiatives to bring into policy and programme design.


  • Ability to advocate a point of view and influence others.

Programme Management:

  • Ability to plan, organize, and control resources, procedures and protocols to achieve specific goals.

Knowledge Management:

  • Ability to efficiently handle and share information and knowledge.

Required Skills and Experience


  • Advanced university degree (Master’s or equivalent) in governance, social sciences, law or related disciplines.


  • 15 years of professional work experience leading teams, providing policy advice and pioneering approaches in the general area of governance; rule of law, justice, security and human rights; and peacebuilding in different development contexts;
  • Demonstrated track-record of excellence in delivering the work programme of complex, global organizational entities in the area of rule of Law, Security and Human Rights;
  • Strong and relevant field experience in different development contexts;
  • Knowledge and understanding of international crisis response architecture (including humanitarian system; peacekeeping operations; special political missions; etc.); gender equality in the context of programming in humanitarian and early recovery settings;
  • Proven experience working in different geographical areas, and development settings, including conflict and post-conflict environments.

Language Requirements:

  • Excellent knowledge of English, as well as writing, presentation and communication skills;
  • Fluency in other UN languages highly desirable.

Application instructions

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