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Position description

World Leadership Alliance Club de Madrid (WLA-CdM) is the largest worldwide assembly of political leaders working to strengthen democratic values, good governance and the well-being of citizens across the globe. As a non-profit, non-partisan, international organization, its membership is composed of more than 100 democratic former Presidents and Prime Ministers from over 60 countries, together with an international network of advisors and expert practitioners, who offer their voice and agency on a pro bono basis to today's political, civil society leaders and policymakers. WLA-CdM responds to a growing demand for leadership and trusted advice in addressing the challenges faced in constructing 'democracy that delivers', bringing down silos and building bridges for the design of more inclusive and sustainable policies for all. This alliance constitutes an independent effort for the achievement of sustainable development, inclusion and peace. Not bound by the interest or pressures of institutions and governments, it provides the experience, access and convening power of its Members. For additional information on the WLA-CdM, please go to:


WLA-CdM developed the Shared Societies Project (SSP) in response to the growing interest of political and social leaders in the formulation of effective policies and practices that can effectively contribute to improving dialogue and social inclusion at global and national level. The Shared Societies Project has brought to the attention of leaders of international organizations and national governments the need to promote a more democratic and inclusive management of ethnic, cultural, religious and other identity-based differences.


The Project provides leaders with a greater understanding of the benefits and means to advance social cohesion and support democratic development by fostering dialogue, the value of diversity and social cohesion. The methodology developed over the last 12 years of the project’s execution has streamlined the SSP vision, principles, and commitments and set the stage for working with institutions on specific Shared Society proposals and agendas.


As more recent outputs, the Project has developed a specific approach on Shared Societies and Sustainable Development and influenced the work of the United Nations on the adoption of Agenda 2030 and implemented specific in country projects in Kyrgyzstan, Myanmar, Nepal or the Dominican Republic. 


Objective of the position

The Content and Policy Senior Advisor (hereinafter “the Senior Advisor” will collaborate during an 8-month period (October 2019 – May 2020) to enhance the design and development of this global, multi-year program aimed at identify and promote effective political leadership strategies for social inclusion. The Senior Advisor will provide input and guidance on content and methodology for the development of Phase XIII of SSP in order to reach the objectives described in the Project Proposal.


Organizational framework

The Senior Advisor will report to the WLA-CdM Programs Coordinator, Mr. Rubén Campos, and to the WLA-CdM Secretary General as required. He/she will work in close collaboration with project stakeholders including WLA-CdM Members and WLA-CdM Secretariat staff, especially the two Program Officers assigned to this project.


Specific Functions

  • Develop the key components of the SSP content strategy including specific background documents on social inclusion, briefing notes, concept notes for specific missions and activities, talking points, op-eds, social media articles and other content materials required for the successful implementation of SSP activities and objectives.
  • Work with the Project team to support the production of the Deliverables described in the Project Proposal for Phase XIII and build academic/practitioner credibility for the Project.
  • Ensure that activities and missions provide meaningful input for the Phase XIII of the Project.
  • Participate in weekly coordination meetings face to face or by phone/skype organized during the Madrid WLA-CdM Secretariat office hours (CET Time zone).
  • Participate in SSP Missions led by WLA-CdM Members providing content background for the achievement of Mission goals and the overall impact of the Project.
  • Represent the WLA-CdM Secretariat and maintain constructive relations with Members, Project partners, interlocutors, national authorities, donor agencies and other project interlocutors.
  • Assist in ensuring compliance with donor regulations, including providing donors with regular updates on project progress and support other monitoring and evaluation aspects of the Project.
  • Provide support in identifying new or related programming activities relevant to Shared Society Project efforts, including the elaboration of project proposals to expand the work of the Project at the global and national levels as per priorities of Phase XIII.
  • Contribute substantially to the preparation of a new proposal for continued funding support for a Phase XIV of the Project, in close collaboration with the Programs Coordinator.
  • Support the SSP Team in identifying and cultivating, building and nurturing donors as well as institutional strategic partnerships and alliances that are essential for advancing the mission of SSP.
  • Participate in meetings with third parties –international organisations, national bodies, and others, as needed.  
  • Other tasks as agreed with the Project Team and WLA-CdM Secretary General.


General characteristics of the position

  • To provide the services described above, the Senior Advisor will dedicate an average of 16 (sixteen) billable days per month, hence a total of 128 (one hundred and twenty-eight) billable days for the duration of the contract, with a minimum of 10 (ten) and a maximum of 20 (twenty) billable days per month. Billable day refers to the effective dedication of 8 (eight) hours to deliver the contracted services. A different distribution of billable days may be agreed if so required for a more effective completion of services.
  • The Senior Advisor’s fees will be 250 EUR per billable day. The minimum billable amount per calendar day will be 0.25 billable days (2 hours). Time spent on travel to project activities, or to the WLA-CdM offices if the Senior Advisor is based outside Madrid, will be billed at 50% of the normal rate.
  • The WLA-CdM will withhold the % established in relevant tax legislation.  If the Senior Advisor does not reside in Spain for tax purposes he/she may avoid withholding by providing a certificate of tax residency stating that he/she resides in a country which has signed a double taxation Treaty to avoid with Spain.
  • The Senior Advisor will participate in international travel and will be required to travel to the WLA-CdM´s headquarters (Madrid) as needed, as well as to maintain regular direct contact by e-mail, skype and phone to ensure his/her availability for project purposes.
  • The WLA-CdM will cover expenses incurred by the Senior Advisor for the implementation of his/her services, according to the WLA-CdM internal procedures. In any case, expenses covered by the WLA- Club de Madrid will be subject to their acceptance as necessary.
  • As an independent professional, the Senior Advisor will not be entitled to the employment benefits of WLA-CdM staff. The Senior Advisor will be responsible for the payment of value-added taxes applying to his/her services, mandatory Social Security contributions, and any other amount which the Tax Authority or any Public Administration may require.


  • Native English level. Working knowledge of Spanish and other languages like French and Arabic would be a significant added value.
  • University and post-graduate degrees, preferably in political science, international affairs or other social sciences.
  • More than 15 years of continued professional experience including at least 12 years in similar or related fields of expertise as an independent expert and/or in governmental, intergovernmental and/or international non-governmental organizations.
  • Relevant experience on social inclusion and diversity management (work with minorities, immigrants, ethnic or religious groups) and democracy promotion/governance.
  • Excellent capacity for political analysis and proven ability of developing content materials based on that skill.
  • Significant experience in project design and implementation, including project proposal writing.
  • Proven track record in fundraising for international development projects. Good knowledge of relevant funding sources in the democratic development and social inclusion fields.
  • Good knowledge of social inclusion and democratic development ‘universe’ and capacity to identify and develop relevant project partnerships.
  • Political awareness, knowledge and interest in social inclusion, diversity, democratic development, international relations, geopolitics, civil society organizations, and human rights.
  • Proficiency in on line and off line communication plus excellent writing skills. Interest or knowledge in the media sector and ability to successfully bring WLA-CdM work to broad and targeted audiences, as well as to write about general political issues.


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