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United States Postal Service
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    Nov 07

Position description

The Inspection Service criminal background check is conducted using United States information resources only (e.g., FBI fingerprint check, state and county checks). A criminal background check involves a 5-year inquiry for any location where the individual has resided, worked or gone to school within the United States or its territories. As a result of this limitation,

the criminal background checks of individuals who have not resided in the United States or its territories for the preceding 5-years may not be considered complete. The Inspection Service may be able to process inquiries for U.S. Citizens only, but only if their time spent out of the country was spent as: a trailing spouse or dependent of someone working for the U.S. government (military or civilian), a missionary, a student attending school in a foreign country, a Peace Corps participant, or as an employee of a U.S.-based employer/company. If the Inspection Service is unable to perform a complete background check because of residency outside the United States, such individuals will be ineligible for Postal employment.

Functional Purpose

Government Relations Interns will apply their knowledge and understanding of related principles and practices gained from their program of study to support an assigned project. Project opportunities will focus on policy analysis, government correspondence, international affairs, and archival research.


1. Collaborates with manager to review project plans; develops an understanding of project assignment including goals, tasks, deadlines and key stakeholders. Communicates updates and project developments as needed.
2. Applies government relations principles, practices, and methodologies to assigned project; develops project-related materials using government and international relations theories and applications. Prepares project summary and recommendations for review.

3. Develops documents, files and deliverables as needed for the project. Writes instructions, records activities and verifies accuracy and comprehensiveness of information with stakeholders.
4. Coordinates with coworkers as a team member to support achievement of project goals. Interacts via email, telephone and meetings to support the project and team
5. Assists with preparing and facilitating meetings, working sessions and focus groups as necessary to gather and compile information for the project.
6. Researches, collects, and analyzes data for use in project planning and developing project materials and documents.
7. Creates project deliverables to meet assignment objectives. Compiles data and reports. Assembles information into presentations. Documents research and activities in technical reports.

Manager of unit to which assigned.

The United States Postal Service has the following excellent and challenging employment opportunity for highly motivated and innovative individuals. Successful candidates must demonstrate through a combination of education, training, and experience the following requirements:


1. Ability to attend to details sufficient to ensure accuracy and comprehensiveness of work.
2. Ability to communicate orally and in writing in a succinct and organized manner; producing written materials, taking into account proper audience, content, format, and grammar.
3. Ability to coordinate work, maintain positive work relationships and interact with a team sufficient to complete assignments, including communicating orally and in writing and completing tasks independently.
4. Ability to use Microsoft Office Suite (e.g., Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint,) sufficient to analyze data, create and format reports, and create presentations.
5. Ability to acquire new knowledge and skills through on-the-job training and self-directed learning, including researching information using various sources of information such as existing policies, processes, systems, databases and online references.
6. EDUCATION REQUIREMENT: Applicants must be currently enrolled in a bachelor’s or graduate government relations or political science degree program, or another closely related field accredited by the U.S. Department of Education.

**This position requires a NACI clearance. This process can take up to 6 weeks from the date the offer letter is returned**

This is a two-step application process requiring you to create a profile and submit an application for the position for which you are applying. You will receive two email confirmations:
A) An email confirming your profile is complete.
B) After submitting your application you will receive a second email confirming your application has been successfully submitted. 

Application instructions

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