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    May 14

Position description

The incumbent carries out the duties of Assistant to the Secretary of the Council and, as such, assists her/him in her/his capacity as Director of the NATO International Staff Ministerial and Summit Task Forces, in the preparation of Summits, Ministerial meetings and special events. S/he supports the organisation of travel of the North Atlantic Council (NAC) and other bodies at Ambassadorial level, coordinating all related logistical activities.

S/He is accountable for efficiently handling a wide range of complex and cross-cutting tasks of an administrative, logistical and organisational nature. This includes working independently and frequently assuming direct responsibility for intricate requirements.

S/He also helps with the administrative arrangements for meetings of the NAC and other bodies at Ambassadorial level and above, as well as with the meetings of the Council Coordinating Group (CCG), and carries out other Council Secretariat tasks as required.




The incumbent must:

  • have a good general education at least to higher secondary level;
  • have at least 4 years' experience performing administrative support duties;
  • knowledge of, and experience in conducting financial support activities;
  • have a good knowledge of various software packages, in particular the Microsoft Office suite or similar;
  • possess the following minimum levels of NATO's official languages (English/French) V (“Advanced”) in one; and III (“Intermediate”) in the other;
  • be prepared to travel and work outside of normal office hours as required.



The following would be considered an advantage:

  • have a working knowledge of an additional language of a NATO member Nation;
  • experience in organizing conferences and events;
  • knowledge of NATO procedures and practices;
  • experience from an international political organization, a national administration or the armed forces;
  • previous experience working with an Enterprise Resource Planning tool (i.e. SAP or Oracle).



Planning and Execution

Under supervision, contribute to the coordination of the business of the Council Secretariat and with that of the NAC and other bodies at Ambassadorial, Ministerial and Summit level. Communicate daily with relevant interlocutors from the International Staff (IS) and International Military Staff (IMS).

Assist with the administrative and logistical arrangements for activities of the NAC, other bodies at Ambassadorial level and above, as well as the Council Co-ordinating Group (CCG) and the NATO IS Ministerial and Summit Task Forces. Organize assigned tasks so as to ensure the accurate and timely execution of duties.


Information Management

Answer enquiries and incoming calls. Draft memoranda and cover letters to documents. Type and format all kinds of documents, including tables of figures requiring careful presentation using the standard software packages used by NATO (Word, Excel and PowerPoint). Take minutes at meetings as necessary. Oversee the paper flow into and out of the office, including retrieving and organising correspondence/documents (including classified information). Maintain an effective follow-up and/or reminder system for pending actions. Manage the communication flow related to meetings, in order to ensure that all involved possess the correct information to achieve their specific objectives.


Knowledge Management

Collect, categorise and track relevant information required for various tasks and projects. Maintain a well-structured electronic filing system. Form part of the secretariat of the Inter-Staff Group for Ministerial and Summit organisation and of the Council Co-ordinating Group (CCG); prepare the decision sheets from the meetings of the latter Group.


Stakeholder Management

Develop a network of contacts within the Organization and with Delegations. Liaise with points of contact to ensure efficiency in daily management of workload and processes. Be the point of contact for initial requests of varying nature. Maintain all lists of internal and external contacts. Reconcile the, sometimes diverging, interests and views of the different stakeholders involved in high-level meetings.


Expertise Development

Proactively develop skills in areas such as planning and organising, new technology, languages and effective communication. Liaise with other Assistants to leverage knowledge. Provide constructive suggestions to improve office procedures. Find ways to be faster, better and more effective in managing information and using office tools.


Project Management

Provide support to the Council in times of tension, crisis, operational emergencies and related exercises by acting as Assistant to a Council Support Cell capable of operating on a 24/7 basis. Assist with day-to-day administration: arrange meetings and handle related details, such as travel and mission arrangements, as well as the coordination of leave plans. Organise the assigned tasks so as to ensure that the planning and organisation of high-level meetings and special events is carried out in a correct and timely fashion. Carry out complex organisational tasks such as providing organisational support to, and overall coordination of, the different aspects of fact-finding trips of the North Atlantic Council.


Financial Management

Carry out routine administration of financial resources allocated to CONSEC in close consultation with the Secretary of the Council and the Administrative Officer of the OSG; act as budget approver of CONSEC and check the accuracy of bills related to events and visits together with responsible project owners.

Perform any other related duty as assigned.



The incumbent reports to the Secretary of the Council and works closely with the Private Office of the Secretary General. S/He will have frequent contact with officials of national Delegations, the International Staff (IS) and the International Military Staff (IMS).

Direct reports: N/A

Indirect reports: N/A



The incumbent must demonstrate:


  • Clarity and Accuracy: Checks own work;
  • Customer Service Orientation: Takes personal responsibility for correcting problems;
  • Empathy: Listens actively;
  • Flexibility: Acts with flexibility;
  • Initiative: Is decisive in a time-sensitive situation;
  • Organizational Awareness: Understands the Organization’s structure;
  • Teamwork: Expresses positive attitudes and expectations of team or team members.




Contract to be offered to the successful applicant (if non-seconded): Definite duration contract of three years’ duration; possibility of an indefinite duration contract thereafter .


Contract clause applicable: 
In accordance with the NATO Civilian Personnel Regulations, the successful candidate will receive a definite duration contract of three years, which may be followed by an indefinite duration contract.

If the successful applicant is seconded from the national administration of one of NATO’s member States, a 3-year definite duration contract will be offered, which may be renewed for a further period of up to 3 years subject to the agreement of the national authority concerned. The maximum period of service in the post as a seconded staff member is six years.

Serving staff will be offered a contract in accordance with the NATO Civilian Personnel Régulations.

Application instructions

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