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Conservation Legacy
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    Sep 22

Position description

Founded in 1998 to continue the legacy of the Civilian Conservation Corps of the 1930s, Conservation Legacy operates and supports programs
that provide service and work opportunities for youth, young adults, and veterans to complete important conservation and community projects

for the public benefit. Its mission is to engage future leaders who

protect, restore, and enhance our nation’s lands through community- based service.

For over 20 years, Conservation Legacy has been engaging communities to complete important conservation projects throughout the nation in support of its vision of creating a legacy of healthy lands, air, and water; thriving people; and resilient communities.

Conservation Legacy provides support for local conservation service programs, delivering high-quality programming in communities across the country to produce enduring impact through local action. Conservation Legacy programs engage participants on diverse conservation and community service projects that provide opportunities for personal and professional development and meet the high-priority needs of public land managers and community partners. Working to remove barriers to participation, education, and employment, Conservation Legacy partners with local community organizations, federal, state and local agencies, and institutions of higher learning to create paid service and career training opportunities, personal and professional development, and pathways to postsecondary education, and employment.


Working in close collaboration with partners across the country, Conservation Legacy advances the goal of increasing opportunities in conservation, stewardship, national service, and workforce development. In 2020, Conservation Legacy engaged over 2,100 youth, young adults, and veterans in conservation, restoration, and community development projects, provided over $13 million in paid service/work opportunities
for participants, and contributed over 1.2 million hours of service to public lands.


The Ancestral Lands Model (“ALCC’) is rooted in the culture and heritage of local tribal communities. The power and impact of Ancestral Lands programming is due to the community investment and support for each program tribally and locally, combined with a network

of operational support from Conservation Legacy. The program strives to cultivate a new generation of local land stewards. The program partners with tribal communities and land managers to accomplish impactful and lasting conservation service projects. ALCC works to build and support sustainable public access, historical interpretation, and ecological health.

VETERANS FIRE CORPS: The Veterans Fire Corps (“VFC”) engages recent- era Veterans on priority hazardous fuels projects while developing the
next generation of wildland firefighters. The VFC successfully addresses two needs: 1) veterans who need a way to transition from military to civilian service, and 2) land management agencies who need highly-qualified and well-trained employees. The VFC builds upon the knowledge, leadership experience, and training of those who served in the armed forces, retraining them and refocusing their mission to protecting our public lands from the threat of wildfire. VFC was the first of its kind in the country, and Conservation Legacy has since engaged seven other corps to replicate the model to serve more veterans.

STEWARDS INDIVIDUAL PLACEMENT PROGRAM: The Stewards Individual Placement Program places individuals across the nation in projects that build capacity, improve access to natural resources, develop and support innovative solutions, develop opportunities for service and economic development, and empower leaders. Stewards places nearly 600 members each year, serving local communities across the country.

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