Executive Director

Center for Ecoliteracy
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    San Francisco, California
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    Non Profit
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  • Posted
    Nov 08

Position description

The Center for Ecoliteracy seeks a mission-focused, collaborative, and innovative Executive Director to build upon a reputation of excellence in education for sustainable living in K-12 schooling, and expand the Center’s contributions, leading it to the next level of financial, programmatic, and organizational success. This is a high- profile opportunity for a dynamic professional.

The successful candidate will provide outstanding organizational leadership with an entrepreneurial spirit and will passionately communicate the mission and achievements of the Center to internal and external stakeholders.

The Executive Director will be a collaborative leader, an excellent manager, and an accomplished fundraiser. The ideal candidate will have a deep familiarity with K-12 education and will have foundational ecological knowledge with the capacity to provide tangible benefits. The Executive Director provides progressive leadership and management to a staff of ten professionals to direct work which will further develop and expand the organization’s impact and funding base

The Executive Director will be responsible for:

Leadership and Management

  • Guide the Center in achieving its mission, ensuring its programs build on accomplishments to date and further strengthen the quality, relevance, and profile of the organization.

  • Motivate and inspire staff to achieve the Center’s maximum potential by promoting an organizational culture and structure that fosters communication, collaboration, teamwork, and trust.

  • Provide leadership, direction, and support for all staff, and directly supervise senior staff.

  • Ensure ongoing programmatic excellence, integrity and transparency through productive partnerships and rigorous program administration, management, and evaluation.

  • Recommend to, and assist the Board in, developing overall objectives, strategies, and programs to achieve the organizational goals of the Center, and oversee the implementation of all adopted policies, programs, procedures, and plans.



  • Actively participate in recruiting and developing new Board members.

  • Ensure the preparation of annual financial plans and budgets for review and

    adoption by the Board of Directors, be responsible for overseeing staff, and ensure that the approved work program is carried out pursuant to the adopted budget.

  • Ensure that the Center’s bookkeeping, records, and files are maintained in good order, and that financial records are at all times in compliance with nonprofit reporting and other legal requirements.

    Partnerships and Communications

  • Maintain and deepen existing partnerships while cultivating new partnerships with stakeholders, community leaders, industry, government decision-makers, and NGOs.

  • Maintain and build a client base among state agencies and identify funding pathways to support emerging programmatic goals.

  • Represent the organization externally, making public presentations as appropriate and engaging in and overseeing communications with stakeholders, the general public, media, governmental agencies, elected and appointed officials, and representatives of groups interested in K-12 education for sustainability issues.

  • Raise the Center’s profile within the broader K-12 education for sustainability community, garnering recognition for its valuable and unique assets and programs.



Fundraising and Development

  • Lead the staff and work with the Board of Directors to strengthen and expand the Center’s existing funding partnerships with state and federal agencies, private foundations, and other organizations and partners as appropriate.

  • Develop new funding partnerships, particularly with new state agencies and institutional funders to ensure the growth and long-term financial health and impact of the organization.

  • Represent and promote the Center externally to new and existing funders, partners, and the public: Raise the Center’s profile and visibility and build creative and enduring alliances by expanding awareness of its achievements, building on the organization’s reputation as a credible and accessible resource.

    Field Advice and Leadership

    • Advise external agencies as appropriate opportunities arise. This includes both the Center’s leadership to perform these duties as an organization through products and convenings, and delivery of formal updates.

    • Identify new opportunities to leverage and enhance the Center’s unique value to state and non-governmental agencies to advance a constructive role for K-12 education for sustainability in decision-making.


While no candidate will bring all of the following skills, experiences, and characteristics, ideal candidates will bring most.

A Visionary and Strategic Leader

  • Demonstrated success in building and working constructively with a Board of Directors.

  • Team-building skills and a collaborative leadership style with the ability to empower staff, as well as the capacity

    and ability to enforce accountability and to position teams for success.

  • Strong leadership skills, including an engaging and energetic demeanor and the ability to inspire and motivate staff,

    donors, and partners.

    An Authentic Ambassador and Relationship Builder

  • A high level of diplomacy and pragmatism and the ability to collaborate with a wide range of individuals, organizations, and agencies.

  • Strong written and verbal communication skills, a persuasive and passionate communication style, and experience with social media tools.

  • Excellent interpersonal and relationship management skills and a track record of building and maintaining strong organizational partnerships.



A Fundraiser

  • Demonstrated success in institutional and individual fundraising, working with diverse funding partners, and communicating a compelling and inspired sense of purpose.

  • Temperament and interpersonal skills necessary to successfully build funder relationships.

  • Excellent communication skills, including the ability to deliver effective presentations that connect with a variety of audiences and inspire support and action.

A Passion for the Mission

  • Commitment to and passion for the Center for Ecoliteracy’s mission, vision, and values; unwavering commitment to quality programs and data-driven evaluation and solutions.

  • Awareness and foundational knowledge of environmental education and sustainability.

  • Results-oriented mindset and a strong personal commitment to developing and deepening the Center’s mission and goals.

  • Expertise and knowledge of California environmental, education, and ecoliteracy organizations, including a network of relevant relationships and connections, would be considered a plus.

Application instructions

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