Senior Program Officer IV for Asia

Solidarity Center
  • Location
    Washington, D.C.
  • Sector
    Non Profit
  • Experience
    Mid Career / Advanced
  • Posted
    Jun 06

Position description

The Senior Program Officer provides day-to-day support and counsel to field offices and programs in the assigned portfolio (likely to include Sri Lanka, Philippines, Maldives, and Bangladesh, the latter being one of Solidarity Center's largest programs). As the main contact between headquarters and the assigned field office, this individual must become thoroughly conversant with all aspects of program activities and current events relevant to the on-going political, economic, social and trade union developments in the assigned countries.

The Senior Program Officer participates in developing and implementing trade union development programs. Therefore this individual must be able to write persuasive proposals, describe complex activities and develop budgets for those activities. This will require working knowledge of and experience in US Government regulations and procedures related to the funding and management of grants. The Senior Program Officer monitors programs to meet budget targets and programmatic results, and must produce well-written program reports and evaluations. This individual provides advice and guidance to field office staff for the development and implementation of programs, the drafting and submission of concept papers and project proposals to donors, and the effective management of field offices and programs. The Senior Program officer will need to draw on their experience to initiate program proposals and seek funding.

The Senior Program Officer assists and advises the Regional Program Director(s) on details of programs in the assigned countries. This individual prepares and exchanges information and coordinate activities with other departments at Solidarity Center, as required. The Senior Program officer works closely with AFL-CIO affiliates to coordinate their participation in Solidarity Center programs, as requested. The Senior Program Officer assists with and, when necessary, provides logistical support for international visitors and participants in Washington-based programs conducted by the Solidarity Center, AFL-CIO, affiliates, Global Union Federations, and other related organizations. This individual represents Solidarity Center at various meetings and conferences in the U.S. and abroad. The Senior Program Officer coordinates with Washington-based NGOs and U.S. Government agencies. This individual must have the experience and presence to represent accurately and effectively the policies and programs of Solidarity Center and the AFL-CIO in public and private meetings with donors, partners, and national and international organizations,. The Senior Program Officer travels to the region and is able to fill in for the Country Program Director(s) on a temporary or indefinite basis.

The Senior Program Officer directs the work of other staff in the department, and assumes the responsibilities of the Regional Program Director in his absence, with the exception of hiring, firing, promotion or discipline.


  • Extensive knowledge of international relations and trade union and socio-economic and political developments in the U.S. and abroad;
  • Trade union experience, and/or experience in Solidarity Center as a Program Officer III;
  • Ability to work independently and without supervision;
  • Ability to manage multiple assignments simultaneously and make substantive decisions that have major effects on costs and completion of projects;
  • Ability to work and interact easily with a wide variety of people;
  • Bachelor’s degree in political science, international relations, labor relations or related fields and/or ten years equivalent work experience;
  • Good communications and writing skills;
  • Computer literacy for word processing and simple spreadsheets.

Specific Duties:

  • Provide specified field offices with programmatic financial and administrative support;
  • Assist and advise field offices in program development and proposal writing;
  • Initiate concept papers and program proposals and seeks funding for same;
  • Write/edit proposals, reports, letters, and other correspondence;
  • Research issues for headquarters and field office use;
  • Assist field offices to arrange study tours in the U.S. for visitors from the region;
  • Conduct meetings with a wide variety of visitors involved in efforts to promote labor rights and standards and democracy;
  • Coordinate activities with Solidarity Center’s other program and functional offices and assist in their work as required;
  • Develop coalition-building contacts with U.S. labor, government and non-governmental organizations in the Washington area;
  • Provide guidance to field offices on AFL-CIO and Center policies and priorities and serve as a liaison between Solidarity Center and AFL-CIO affiliates, GUFs, ITUC, its regional organizations and the ILO;
  • Develop and implement regional and sub-regional programs and programs in countries without a resident field representative;
  • Provide field offices with information on USAID, NED, and U.S. government rules and regulations that affect program management;
  • Furnish financial and administrative support services to field offices, and provide advice and guidance to them on grants management and funding procedures;
  • Recruit outside program consultants and other technical staff in accordance with field needs;
  • Provide technical assistance and support to conduct program evaluations of field projects and recruiting evaluators;
  • Support field trips by Solidarity Center personnel;
  • Share information on country conditions and labor issues as requested by Washington-based U.S. government offices and Congress;
  • Travel on a TDY basis to conduct and/or oversee program development and/or implementation in countries without a field office;
  • Work closely with AFL-CIO affiliates to coordinate their participation in Solidarity Center programs;
  • Monitor programs to meet budget targets;
  • Represent Solidarity Center as directed;
  • Direct the work of program officers, assistants and secretaries in the program/regional office;
  • Assume the responsibilities of the Regional Program Director in his absence, with the exception of hiring, firing, promoting or disciplining staff.

Application instructions

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