Head of NSPO Chairperson's Office and Secretariat

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)
  • Location
    Mamer, Luxembourg
  • Sector
    Non Profit
  • Experience
    Mid Career / Advanced
  • Posted
    Aug 03

Position description

Under the direction of the ASB Chairperson, the Head of the NSPO CHO is responsible for managing the dayto-day activities of the NSPO CHO staff as summarised below:

  • a. directing the activities of the NSPO CHO staff;
  • b. ensuring that the ASB Chairperson’s tasks are accomplished;
  • c. serving as custodian for and providing advice on NSPO governance matters;
  • d. promoting consultative relationships and maintaining dialogue with all NSPO stakeholders.


a. Directing the activities of the NSPO CHO staff by:

  • • leading and managing the staff in the discharge of their assigned responsibilities in support of the NSPO CHO mission;
  • • fostering a culture of service orientation in providing secretariat support to the Chairpersons of the ASB and PBs and their respective subordinate bodies;
  • • setting annual team and individual performance objectives, monitoring their execution and evaluating the performance of those objectives through agreed Key Performance Indicators (KPIs);
  • • ensuring sound internal administrative management processes are established in order to optimise / prioritise the key tasks outputs of the NSPO CHO staff as appropriate;
  • • preparing and executing the NSPO CHO’s annual administrative budget and its Organisation and Personnel Establishment proposals;
  • • performing other managerial functions as required in peacetime and any official functions assigned in times of crisis or war

b. Ensuring that the ASB Chairperson’s tasks are accomplished by:

  • • providing the ASB Chairperson sound advice on matters related to NSPO governance policy and administrative procedures, and identifying nuances associated with issues under consideration;
  • • ensuring that NSPO’s existing governance procedures and structures are maintained in order to create the conditions to support the NSPO Member Nations’ decision-making processes;
  • • ensuring that Representatives of ASB and those of the NSPO subordinate bodies have access to the necessary governance documentation and information;
  • • ensuring documents and proposals submitted to NSPO governing bodies have sufficient and relevant background information and context in order to create the conditions to support the NSPO Member Nations’ decision-making processes; overseeing the preparation of agendas and records of meetings of the ASB and its subordinate bodies, Chairpersons’ correspondence and speaking notes for meetings;
  • • ensuring appropriate tools are in place to track the status of actions and follow-up on the implementation of NSPO governing bodies’ decisions;
  • • supporting and representing the ASB Chairperson as and when requested by the Chairperson, taking necessary actions in his/her name; the Chairperson may delegate specific authorities to the Head of the NSPO CHO that are not specified in this Position Description.

c. Serving as custodian for and providing advice on NSPO governance matters by:

  • • advising the Chairpersons of the relevant NSPO bodies, the national representatives and NSPA staff on NSPO’s governance processes, structures and frameworks as requested or required;
  • • adhering to the relevant provisions of the NSPO ASB Rules of Procedure when providing advice to NSPO stakeholders;
  • • developing and updating NSPO governance guidelines to ensure that the format, accuracy and quality of documents and presentations submitted to the ASB, PBs and other NSPO subordinate bodies are consistently and coherently applied;
  • • advising Agency staff responsible for providing inputs on NSPO governance related matters;
  • • responding to NSPO stakeholders’ questions and/or concerns based on sound research;
  • • ensuring NSPO documentation and correspondence are readily accessible in the long term;
  • • ensuring that records of permanent value are identified, preserved and transferred to NATO Archives in accordance with the NATO Archiving and Retention policy;
  • • considering and assessing disparate national positions on issues in order to assist national representatives in facilitating consensus based decision-making.

d. Promoting consultative relationships and maintaining dialogue with all NSPO stakeholders:

  • • coordinating the NSPO CHO’s support to the Chairpersons of the Central Europe Pipeline System (CEPS) PB, the NATO Airlift Management (NAM) PB and other NSPO subordinate bodies;
  • • coordinating NSPO member nations’ input on documents and seeking input from external stakeholders, e.g. the Secretary General’s Liaison Officer, when appropriate and/or required;
  • • liaising with the NSPA General Manager and NSPA’s senior management, Chairpersons of NSPO PBs and other NSPO subordinate bodies, national representatives of NATO and Partner Delegations, the Secretary General’s Liaison Officer, International Military and Civilian Staff, Military Commands and other NATO bodies, as required.

e. Performing any related duties as required


The incumbent will demonstrate the following competencies:

• highly developed sense of responsibility, initiative, and foresight;

• leadership ability with highly developed human skills;

• excellent written and oral communication skills, based on the ability to analyse, summarise and draft material clearly and accurately, to speak in public fluently and effectively, to synthesise difficult policy issues and discussions, and to propose viable solutions;

• proven experience of managing time and work effectively under pressure, while producing high-quality products under short-notice deadlines;

• organisational skills, including planning, preparing for and conducting meetings and conferences in both face-to-face and virtual formats as appropriate;

• core NATO values of integrity, impartiality, loyalty, accountability, and professionalism with a sound judgment, tact, discretion and diplomacy;

• genuine sense for teamwork and service orientation;

• keen emotional intelligence and self-control in demanding complex situations. 


The incumbent must have:

  • • master’s degree preferably in management sciences or business/public administration or equivalent;
  • • wide experience in a senior management and leadership position in a sizeable organisation, normally acquired either in an international organisation, a national public administration (civil or military), or the private defence related sector;
  • • broad experience in developing and interpreting policy in an executive or staff position at senior level inan international environment;
  • • knowledge of and/or experience in NATO governance structures or a similar international organisation;
  • • knowledge of information systems at end-user level with experience in using personal computers and software packages.

The following would be considered an asset:

  • • familiarity with political and protocol issues within NATO is highly desirable;
  • • defence or civil service staff college training;
  • • relevant professional qualifications;
  • • sound knowledge of the enduring principles of effective corporate governance processes, structures and frameworks. 


Application instructions

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