Fisk Program Trainee

International Republican Institute
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    Washington, D.C.
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    Non Profit
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    Early Career
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    Sep 19

Position description

Every employee of IRI is responsible for carrying out the mission of IRI and demonstrating the core values in their day-to-day operations.

Excellence- We believe in quality results delivered by investing in people. Freedom- We believe in exploration and experimentation to be agile and responsive. Respect- We believe in trust, empathy and empowering people. Teamwork- We believe in diversity, inclusion and the power of global collaboration. Transparency- We believe in open communication and clear decision-making. Accountability- We believe in personal responsibility as the foundation of success.

The Fisk Program is committed to identifying service-oriented professionals who thrive in mission-based environments. IRI believes that participants/employees who learn and understand the critical operational skills in our work are in an improved position to contribute at a substantive level for a direct program implementation role. The operational skills acquired in the Fisk Program, when combined with the country, regional and or other substantive knowledge, are able to contribute more effectively to the performance of award management once in a direct implementation role. 

In this role the Fisk Trainees will work on complex business challenges and learn to solve problems, prioritize resources, map responsibilities to meet deadlines, effectively communicate, and manage relationships. These operations skills are needed in today's changing business environment and will strengthen their self-confidence, interpersonal, and cognitive skills making them more competitive for program management positions. This earn-while-you-learn model will create a unique and flexible training solution for junior professionals to learn IRI's institutional processes with an ownership lens derived only from working in an operations division. 

Training through the Fisk Program is the chance to jump into a substantial role in Program Services (Human Resources, Business Development, Finance, Procurement, Information Technology), take on responsibility and discover new skills from day one that will prepare you for a Program position (LAC, Asia, MENA, Africa, Transatlantic, Europe, Eurasia, WDN). In this role you will make a meaningful contribution while learning alongside our committed operations experts. 

What you Gain

Career Progression- You'll receive a combination of online and in-person training, working towards obtaining experience in business operations. When you successfully complete your initial 18-24 month commitment, IRI will commit to supporting your transition to a full-time role in a Regional Division in Programs.

Benefits- Access to full-time employee benefits. These include medical coverage, dental and life insurance, a retirement plan, and a flexible work environment. Trainees are also granted access to IRI's free e-Cornell certificates, language training, and the Graduate Student Loan Repayment Program.

Supportive Environment- When you start, you'll be connected to a Peer Mentor and a Career Mentor, with regular check-ins, who'll help you navigate life at IRI, support you as you pursue your new career, and track your progress. 

Who can Apply

  • Passionate, Inquisitive, Problem Solvers
  • Collaborators who Enjoy Collective Success
  • Recent Graduates, Military Veterans, School-leavers
  • Candidates who haven't worked at IRI in the last 12 months
  • Expert Jugglers of Time, Competing Priorities, and Grace

How it Works

  1. Apply to one of our Program Services positions in HR, BD, Finance, Procurement, and Information Technology for the Fall or Spring session.
  2. IF selected, candidates will have a phone screen. 
  3. Upon confirming commitment, candidates will participate in a panel interview with Division, references are checked, and  assessments conducted.
  4. Final interview with Senior Director, HR. 
  5. Offer extended with a December 6, 2022 start date.


Application instructions

Please complete your profile and submit your cover letter and resume to IRI's website.