Social Network Analysis Consultant

Counterpart International
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    Jan 23

Position description

Counterpart International is currently seeking a short-term Social Network Analysis (SNA) Consultant for the Civil Society Strengthening Program (CSSP), a five-year initiative funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) in Haiti. As a sub-partner, Counterpart is supporting Papyrus, a local Haitian non-governmental organization, to implement CSSP. The project goal is to strengthen the capacity of Haitian civil society organizations (CSOs), including faith-based organizations and those working with the diaspora that are registered and operating in Haiti. Through this initiative, participating CSOs will be better equipped to develop, implement, and monitor their advocacy and service-delivery activities to the highest quality standards. Counterpart is working across the project objectives to provide technical support to the CSSP program and consortium partners as needed in the areas of thinking and working politically, advocacy, and media. Prioritizing localization, Counterpart is conducting all activities with an eye to transfer skills and mentor our Haitian-based partners to support local ownership and sustainability.

Under Result 2 (Build comprehensive, efficient, and effective networks of CSOs at the national and regional levels), Counterpart will work to map the connections between Haitian CSOs to strengthen their collaborative capabilities. We are seeking a Social Network Analysis (SNA) Consultant to perform the following duties:

  • Design the methodology and data collection instruments
  • Oversee the data collection process, including training enumerators
  • Conduct data analysis and develop graphic representation of the SNA
  • Build the capacity of CSSP staff to oversee subsequent exercises and conduct interviews

At this time, we expect the consultant will fulfill the scope of work remotely, communicating virtually with Counterpart and our partners in Haiti. We will reassess the possibility of travel as the project progresses and the conditions in Haiti evolve.


Under the supervision of the Counterpart’s Senior Governance Advisor, the SNA Consultant will lead the design and implementation of the SNA, which entails the following:

Design the methodology and data collection instruments: The consultant will be responsible for designing the methodology for conducting a social network analysis of at least 100 Haitian CSOs throughout the country. CSSP will provide the consultant with an initial list of at least 200 CSOs preselected to benefit from program support, as well as a list of donors, government, religious and private sector institutions to be included in the SNA in addition to the CSOs. The consultant will be required to provide criteria for the selection of the CSOs included in the SNA. The consultant will also propose the inclusion of other government and private sector institutions relevant to the mapping.

The consultant will work with Counterpart and the CSSP team to precisely define the types of relationships that tie the CSOs within the bound of the study. The proposed methodology must allow for CSSP to analyze the direction of the relationship as well as the intensity of the relationship. At a minimum, the consultant will define ways to assess if the relation is weak, moderate, or strong as well as direct or indirect. The consultant may also propose to use more sophisticated measurement concepts such as calculating network density, diameter and average degree (in-degree and out-degree). 

The consultant will design and test a survey instrument to collect Key Informant Interviews that will gather data needed to produce the SNA. This survey instrument will:

  • Address security, privacy, and ethical considerations
  • Provide key information about the organization
  • Include questions designed to measure the types, directions, and intensity of relations with other entities, networks and coalitions

Oversee the data collection process: If conditions allow, the consultant will travel to Haiti to train the enumerators in charge of conducting the interviews. If in-person travel is not feasible, the consultant will propose an approach to conduct training remotely and ensure data quality. The enumerators will be selected by CSSP and include CSSP staff to ensure transfer of capacity to conduct the SNA over life of project. Tasks to be conducted by the consultant include:

  • Testing of the survey instruments with at least two test organizations.
  • Revising the survey instrument as per the findings of the test
  • Proposing appropriate and cost-effective data collection tools (hardware and software).
  • Hardware and software will be procured separately by CPI. (Electronic data collection is preferred)
  • Manage the questionnaire and incoming data, including coding, including coding the forms, and managing the server.
  • Conducting data quality and integrity control over incoming data
  • Addressing any issue that may arise during the data collection process.

Conduct data analysis and develop graphic representation of the SNA: The consultant will analyze the SNA data and present the key findings. The analysis will focus on both the individual CSO level, and the system-wide level. If required to finalize data visualization, Counterpart will procure the services of a graphic designer. Tasks to be conducted by the consultant include:

  • Research and recommend an appropriate software (preferably open-source) to analyze SNA data and present key findings
  • Illustrate data analysis with graphical representations of the networks.
  • Finally, the consultant will make recommendations to CSSP staff based on the findings of the SNA

Build the capacity of CSSP staff (Papyrus and Institut de formation et de services - IFOS) to oversee subsequent SNA exercises: Starting in Year 3, the consultant will be responsible for transferring the knowledge about conducting SNAs to IFOS and Papyrus. Tasks to be conducted by the consultant include:

  • Training IFOS and CSSP staff on interview techniques (see under data collection)
  • Develop a concise practical guide to designing and implementing SNA in Haiti
  • Facilitate several reflection sessions during the implementation of the SNA and an After-Action Review Session.


  • Master’s degree in political science, public policy, international studies, statistics, or related field or bachelor’s degree with at least 10 years of experience.
  • Significant experience designing qualitative and quantitative research, evaluation and learning methodologies.
  • Experience developing data collection tools, conducting quantitative and qualitative data collection, and analyzing collected data to develop findings and recommendations.
  • Experience training and overseeing data collectors.
  • Previous experience conducting a social network analysis and/or other types of mapping including civil society mapping, stakeholder mapping, power mapping.
  • Experience working on governance development projects, including supporting civil society advocacy.
  • Experience working on development projects in Haiti (preferred).
  • Experience delivering training to civil society organizations.
  • Knowledge of the CSO environment in Haiti.
  • Excellent research, analytical, writing, and presentation skills.
  • Proven ability to engage constructively with a variety of stakeholders.
  • Experience working on donor-funded development projects, preferably USAID.
  • Excellent organizational, and written and oral communications skills.
  • Strong analytical skills.
  • Ability to work both independently and in a group setting.
  • Fluency in English (French proficiency a plus).

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