Ecosystem Services Lead

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    Kampala, Uganda
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    Mid Career / Advanced
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    Jan 26

Position description

Project Background:

The Climate Smart Jobs (CSJ) programme is a 4-year initiative funded by UK International Climate Finance, facilitating job creation within the agribusiness sector in Northern Uganda. The programme supports innovative solutions to address climate change's effects, particularly for smallholder farmers, including women, refugees, and host communities. This role will lead the delivery of Component 1C, a sub-component of the programme which will support innovations that support sustainable land management and ecosystem services.

Primary Duties and Responsibilities:

The Ecosystem Services Lead will manage the implementation of Component 1C, ensuring the effective execution of strategies that preserve, restore, and optimize the natural environment and ecosystem services that benefit people. The role encompasses the following key objectives:

Strategy Implementation:

  • Oversee the execution of the implementation strategy developed during the Inception phase of Component 1C.
  • Collaborate with relevant stakeholders, including private sector entities, community groups, and individuals, to ensure the successful adoption of innovative models.
  • Work closely with the CSJ core team to align the strategy with program objectives and Key Performance Indicators.

Ecosystem Services Valuation:

  • Prioritize and implement interventions that contribute economically to the preservation and optimization of ecosystem services.
  • Oversee a comprehensive assessment of ecosystem services valuation within targeted landscapes with the support of the Evaluation Research and Learning team.
  • Ensure alignment with the UK government's International Climate Finance (ICF) Key Performance Indicator 10.

Understanding Core Issues:

  • Lead ongoing action research to strengthen understanding of factors contributing to the constrained adoption of climate-smart land management practices in Northern Uganda.
  • Lead ongoing action research to strengthen understanding of sociocultural aspects, interactions with proposed interventions, and the experiences of diverse communities, including women and refugees.
  • Innovative Models and Interventions, and Human Resource Management:
  • Oversee the implementation of innovative models addressing challenges and enhancing the value of ecosystem services.
  • Ensure a robust evaluation of models through the lens of ecosystem valuation.
  • Oversee the onboarding and monitoring of key stakeholders to embrace identified innovative models.
  • Directly manage two Intervention Managers responsible for supporting the implementation of Component 1C, providing leadership, guidance, and support in line with programme objectives.


  • Work collaboratively with the CSJ core team, private sector stakeholders, and community groups.
  • Leverage ongoing quantitative and qualitative data collection methods, including household surveys, key informant interviews, focus group discussions, and stakeholder consultations.


  • Implementation progress reports.
  • Strategy implementation documentation.
  • Comprehensive assessment reports on ecosystem services valuation.
  • Analysis reports on core issues affecting climate-smart land management.
  • Catalogue of successful and unsuccessful innovative models and interventions.
  • Recommendations for further refinement of interventions.
  • Catalogue of private sector stakeholders and communities adopting the innovations/interventions.


This TOR will be led by the Ecosystem Services Lead, with support and advice from two Intervention Managers, which the Ecosystem Service Lead will manage. The Team Leader will review and approve all final deliverables. Support from the wider CSJ team can be requested as needed but will be limited.

Meeting Schedule:

  • Regular check-in meetings will be scheduled with the CSJ Team Leader to ensure alignment and progress fit with overall programme objectives.
  • Regular check-in meetings will be scheduled with the 1C Intervention Managers, CSJ core team and relevant stakeholders to ensure ongoing collaboration and alignment with programme objectives.
  • This TOR will guide the Ecosystem Services Lead in managing the implementation of Component 1C, contributing to the success of the Climate Smart Jobs Program in Northern Uganda.

Required Qualifications:

Candidates with a proven track record in managing similar projects, a strong network within the environmental and agricultural sectors, and a commitment to sustainable development goals would be highly desirable for this role. To satisfy the Terms of Reference for the Ecosystem Services Lead, the candidate should ideally possess the following qualifications and experience:


  • Advanced degree (Master's or higher) in relevant fields, such as environmental science, ecology, natural resource management, or sustainable development.


  • 7-10 years of relevant professional experience in ecosystem services, environmental management, or related fields.
  • Demonstrated experience in managing and implementing ecosystem services projects in agricultural landscapes.

Project Management:

  • Track record in managing complex projects, including strategy development, stakeholder engagement, and delivering measurable outcomes.

Stakeholder Engagement:

  • Experience collaborating with diverse stakeholders, including private sector entities, community groups, government agencies, and NGOs.

Technical Expertise:

  • Understanding of methodologies for valuing ecosystem services.
  • Knowledge and experience in climate-smart agriculture, sustainable land management practices, and nature-based solutions.
  • Familiarity with innovative business models for creating ecosystem value.

Collaborative Skills:

  • Effective collaboration and communication skills, demonstrated through experience working with multidisciplinary teams and engaging diverse stakeholders.

Program Integration:

  • Ability to align strategies with program objectives and Key Performance Indicators, ensuring successful integration of Component 1C within the broader CSJ program.
  • Reporting, Documentation and Time Management:
  • Proficiency in preparing and delivering comprehensive progress reports, implementation documentation, assessment reports, and analysis reports.
  • Able to effectively manage timelines, deliverables, and meet project milestones.

Regulatory Understanding:

  • Familiarity with international climate funding mechanisms, including UK International Climate Finance, and an understanding of relevant environmental regulations is desirable.

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