Trainer for Judges and Magistrates on Handling Cybercrimes Fraud, Money Laundering, and Corruption Expert

Democracy International
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    Maseru, Lesotho
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    Mid Career
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    Jun 18

Position description

Democracy International (DI) is seeking to hire a Money Laundering and Asset Recovery Expert (consultant) for the Support for the Reform and Strengthening of Governance in Lesotho Project. The Government of the Kingdom of Lesotho signed a Financing Agreement with the European Commission on 8th September 2020 to implement a program titled “Support for the Reform and Strengthening of Governance in Lesotho” with financial support from the 11th European Development Fund (EDF). The program intends to support the supply and demand side of the justice and governance sectors, through the strengthening of the country’s institutional and legal frameworks. The program also intends to reinforce the capacity of justice sector actors to ensure improved service delivery, increasing the provision of legal assistance for people living in poverty and persons in vulnerable situations. On the demand side of governance, the program aims to empower the citizens to seek redress or remedial action once their rights have been violated and support the reforms and operational tasks of oversight institutions to play their meaningful role. The overall objective of the program is to foster rule of law, good governance, human rights and gender equality in Lesotho.

The specific objectives/outcomes of the program are:

  • SO1: Improved governance and performance of the justice and public sector institutions,
  • SO2: Improved efficiency and quality of justice service delivery,
  • SO3: Improved access to justice for all, in particular for women, children and groups in vulnerable and marginalized situations,
  • SO4: Increased accountability, transparency integrity and credibility of justice and governance institutions.

The first specific objective of the program is being implemented by UNDP through a contribution agreement signed directly with the European Union, so this assignment will focus on specific objectives 2, 3 and 4.

The Consultant shall report to the Team Leader at the PCU and will work closely with the Judiciary. This consultancy’s Level of Effort (LOE) will be up to 15 days from approximately July - August 2024.

Objectives of the Assignment:

Through this training and its outcomes, adjudication of economic offences should improve and the effectiveness of the justice system to deal with both aspects of criminal and civil litigation to convict criminals who abuse the financial system and forfeiture of assets related to these crimes should be enhanced. Sentencing on these economic crimes will be more dissuasive and proportionate to mitigate the threats to the integrity of the financial system and harm to society and economy brought about by money laundering, terrorism financing and financial proliferation.

The specific objective is to train judicial officers on the key elements of judicial case management, focusing on assets forfeiture (non-conviction-based), management of confiscated assets, and their disposal, procedures involved in money laundering and its predicate offenses, appreciation of mutual legal assistance procedures (international cooperation), artificial fictitious transfers procedures, search warrants applications, and terrorism financing.

The training is intended to enhance judicial control over pre-trial investigation in money laundering cases, appreciation of conviction and non-conviction-based principles of case management and international cooperation in relation to these cases for improved judicious decisions.

The assignment involves consultation with the Chief Justice, Financial Intelligence Unit, DCEO, DPP and Law Society, to get an understanding of the context in which the Justice system operates. The Expert is expected to conduct a critical contextual examination, data collection and analysis related to economic crimes, cases prosecuted in the courts to gain relevant insight to Lesotho situation to develop a customized training program.

In executing the assignment, the Expert will collaborate with designated officials of the Judiciary and the PCU to validate the training methodology and assessment tools.

Essential Job Duties:

The Expert will:

  • Develop the training program customized to country exact needs.
  • Conduct the training workshop per agreed training program.
  • Provide the training materials to the participants electronically.


Qualifications and Skills:

  • Master’s degree in the field of law with eight (8) years practical experience or Bachelor’s degree in law with 10 years practical experience,
  • Excellent coordination, communication, and facilitation skills.


General Professional Experience:

  • Demonstrated profiles in providing capacity building of law enforcement agencies, and judicial officers,
  • In-depth knowledge and long-standing practical experience in international money laundering and asset recovery.


Specific Professional Experience:

  • Practical and theoretical experience in preparing, and developing training tools, materials, and conducting training programs on money laundering and related financial or economic crimes,
  • Proven track record and capacity in successfully undertaking similar training programs.
  • Excellent understanding and experience in handling serious economic crimes.



  • This position reports to the Team Leader at the PCU.

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