Director of Regional Policy, Higher Education and Europe

French National Institute for Agricultural Research (INRA)
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Position description

The French National Institute for Agricultural Research is a public establishment employing over 10 000 people throughout France. Leading European agricultural research institute, INRA conducts mission-oriented research for adapted food, a preserved environment, and competitive and sustainable agriculture.

This position is available through internal recruitment or secondment from 1st October 2018.


The director of the DARESE participates in developing and coordinates INRA's partnership strategies with public academic, scientific, and governmental institutions at regional, national, and European level. As such, he/she is a member of INRA's management board.

He/she oversees the presidents of the research centres (PC) and ensures the quality of the dialogue between the latter and the General Directorate (DG). Assisting the director general in charge of scientific affairs (DGDS), he/she oversees relations between the PC and the heads of research divisions and provides the support necessary for them to carry out their respective missions in connection with the partnership strategy with higher education and research at university, regional, and European level.


INRA comprises 186 Research Units and 48 Experimental Units spread over 17 regional centres throughout the national territory. Thirteen research departments promote the Institute's scientific strategy.

The directorate general and the research support divisions including the DARESE, which comprises around 40 members of staff, are located at Inra's head office in the 7th district in Paris. The DARESE reports to the DGDS of the general directorate.

The director of the DARESE ensures the implementation of the institutional and academic partnership policy adopted by the DG, and reports to the DGDS regarding local contexts and orientations that could affect the Institute's stance on the issue. As such, he/she anticipates and proposes possible changes and liaises with the heads of the research divisions (CD), and more particularly the presidents of the research centres (PC) and Inra’s regional representatives for whom the DARESE coordinates the activities.


Agricultural engineer, veterinarian, or university graduate with a PhD, director of a research organisation or university lecturer level, the applicant should have a solid scientific career attested by international publications. He/she may have completed their studies and spent all or part of their career abroad.

He/she should be open minded and curious about new fields and show significant autonomy combined with great power of imagination and proposal. He/she should have excellent knowledge of French, European, and international higher education and research systems, as well as the different approaches to classifying these systems. He/she should have a good command of English.

He/she should have recognised experience in the field of higher education and research. He/she should have had major responsibilities in planning and coordinating research programmes for large communities.

He/she should also have proven abilities to unite and stimulate developments and to develop effective collaborations with partners of various natures and origins, as well as demonstrate the ability to listen and to summarize leading to the endorsement of consensus projects. He/she should have the ability to listen and show respect, as well as strength of conviction. These abilities will be combined with those required for education and collective decision-making in a major research organisation.

Application instructions

Send a detailed CV including achievements along with a short report presenting the vision and a project for Darese missions to:

Benoit Malpaux, Director of Human Resources
Phone: +33 (0) 1 42 75 94 00
E-mail: [email protected]

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