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    Paris, France
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    Jun 08

Position description

The Paris bureau is looking for an intern that is available for three to six-month periods.

The internship is full time and interns are paid the minimum wage provided in France for internships.


Intern Responsibilities

   Our interns are in charge of the daily press review as well as sending wires throughout the day.  They are expected to do research for reporters on news and or otherwise assist correspondents who need help with their reporting.

    They are encouraged to come up with story ideas and work on them with a correspondent or on their own, if no correspondent wants to do it.

    In the course of their stay with us, interns are encouraged to write or co-write one or more stories themselves under the supervision of a correspondent. They are also able to write for the Culture section and work with the business reporter in Paris, Liz Alderman.

     We ensure that they get to go out on reporting assignments and cover events that they might find interesting.


Criteria for being accepted as an intern

   (1) A Convention de Stage / Internship agreement from a university.

   (2) Language/French Culture

   (3) Journalism Background


Convention de Stage/internship agreement

  All interns must come with  a “convention de stage”, an option made possible by the French educational system that allows students to be employed as interns in their chosen field and get credit for their work, or an 'internship agreement' provided by a foreign university.  The bureau chief fills out an evaluation form for the school at the end of the internship.  


 We are looking for people who, while fluent in English, are generally native French speakers and who have deep knowledge of France. 

Journalism Background

  While we don’t require applicants to have extensive journalism experience, we do primarily hire people who are in French or foreign journalism programs.

Application instructions

Please be sure to indicate that you saw this position on