Interagency and International Coordination Cell I2C2 Planner

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    Washington, D.C.
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    Mid Career
  • Posted
    Jul 20

Position description

The Interagency and International Coordination Cell Planner will provide the Director, Interagency and International Coordination Cell (I2C2), GEC, with expert advice to in developing and executing liaison activities and plans with GEC’s U.S. interagency, including the intelligence community, DOD Combatant Commands, and International partners to fulfill the GEC’s congressional mandate to direct, lead, synchronize, integrate, and coordinate efforts of the Federal government to recognize, understand, expose, and counter foreign state and non-state disinformation and propaganda efforts aimed at undermining or influencing the policies, security, or stability of the U.S., its allies, and partner nations, as codified in Section 1287 of the FY17 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), as amended by the FY19 NDAA. 

• Assist and advise the Director, I2C2 to recommend necessary enhancements or changes to better enable the Center to achieve operational success, and how best to engage partners. 
• Leverage multiple information conduits to develop strategy and plans to achieve optimal integration of information related capabilities as appropriate for the Center’s portfolios while enhancing both daily operations of the center as well as multi-actor campaign support for Center portfolios. 
• Contributes to the development of strategic, operational and tactical plans for enhancing whole of government counter state and non-state actor propaganda and disinformation coordination efforts, including department and agency activities, efforts, and capabilities to counter the extremist narrative, disrupt radicalization efforts among foreign societies, and proactively push the positive attributes of the American narrative. 
• The contractor collaborates with planners and subject matter experts from other appropriate organizations across the interagency (DOD, IC, State) and Foreign Partners in gathering and analyzing facts and data. 
• Formulates conclusions and recommendation for action and policy changes and development. 
• Incorporates findings into reports and oral presentations, as necessary, for various levels of the Center’s management. 

• Mastery of the theories and principles of Strategic Communications, Information Operations, Operational Planning, USG Coordination activities, Intelligence Analysis, international relations, economics, history, geography, or other related disciplines applied in analyzing and evaluating factors and conditions involved in the administration of U.S. counterterrorism and/or counter state-sponsored propaganda and disinformation programs.  
• Minimum six (6) years’ experience in Information Operations or Strategic Communications planning, minimum of ten (10) years Department of Defense (DoD) experience, minimum of six (6) years of collection and analysis of open-source, terrorist, state actors, social and traditional media. 
• Minimum of six (6) years’ work experience with the State Department (DoS), Department of Defense (DoD), or other government agencies coordinating Strategic Communications, Information Operations, and countering-disinformation and propaganda activities. 

• Must have in-depth understanding of and experience working with or within the Intelligence Community.  

traveling in, living in, and working with partners in less developed regions of the world, 
• Experience traveling in, living in, and working with partners in less developed regions of the world, including limited-access areas of the Africa, Middle East, and Southeast Asia. 
• Established relationships with counterparts relevant to this position in foreign governments and across the interagency. 
• Experience planning and coordinating unattributed CVE and/or Counter-State Actor campaigns and programs where extremist organizations are known to operate or recruit. 
• Substantive knowledge of information and messaging programs to provide authoritative advice and guidance with regard to the policy implications of issues and developments in an assigned specialty area. 
• Substantive knowledge of Countering State and non-State sponsored disinformation and propaganda, strategic communications, influence operations, and communications program design to guide and plan campaigns and projects within the purview of the office. 
• Experience presenting to domestic and foreign audiences on topics pertaining to Countering State and non-State sponsored disinformation and propaganda, strategic communications, influence operations. 
• Experience working in and with all of the following: DOS, DOD, the IC, the private sector, NGOs, Public International Organizations and Foreign governments.  

• Direct experience working with CIA, DIA, etc. highly desired.  

• Ability to establish liaisons at all levels throughout the foreign policy, intelligence and defense communities, and foreign partners to exchange and coordinate information vital to both spheres of operation. 
• Skill in oral and written communication to prepare and present planning efforts, providing guidance, soliciting information, defending proposals, and negotiating agreements. 
• Significant experience integrating field data and analysis products to develop strategies and plans to counter state and non-state sponsored disinformation and propaganda efforts among foreign populations. 
• Experience applying academically valid theory to design Measures of Effectiveness platforms for strategic communication programs. 
• Experience acting as a SME at partner nation trainings or conferences. 
• Experience presenting on counter messaging to partner nation military or diplomatic audiences. 
• Experience in training new staff while sustaining own office productivity and taking on new program duties as required. 
• Ability to leverage personal relationships with USG decision-makers to improve regional networking. 
• Experience in independently initiating, developing, and implementing public affairs, outreach, education, and community affairs programs. 
• Experience developing short- and long-term operational plans as they pertain to Outreach and Strategic Communications, evaluating the effectiveness of programs areas to ensure they fulfill mission goals and responsibilities. 

Application instructions

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